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Dark Horse Comics releases HQ God of War: Fallen God

For now there is no release information for the HQ God of War Fallen God in Brazil.

After many months of delays, the first edition of God of War: Fallen God is finally available and has the potential to shake up the franchise in a big way. Although the # 1 issue largely focuses on the internal turmoil of Kratos, a small detail suggests that this series may officially introduce the Egyptian gods to the universe of God of War.

Written by Chris Roberson, God of War: Fallen God is a new series from Dark Horse Comics that will bridge the gap between God of War III and 2018 God of War for PS4. Since the last issue brought Kratos from the realm of the Greek gods into the world of Norse mythology, fans have been speculating about how this happened, but the setting isn't the only thing that has changed in the new game.

Kratos himself appears to be a different man, having finally learned to control his anger. Fallen God is expected to detail the physical and spiritual journey the character endured to reach the Nordic realm, but before all that, the Ghost of Sparta first makes a quick stop in Egypt.

God of War: Fallen God

Dark Horse Comics lança HQ God of War: Fallen God 1
Image: Dark Horse Comics

God of War: Fallen God # 1 starts after the events of God of War III, with Kratos trying to get rid of the Blades of Chaos, the weapons he used throughout the first three games. At this point, the blades only serve as a cursed reminder of Kratos' pact with Ares, so it's only natural that he wants to abandon them.

However, no matter how far he travels, the blades reappear whenever he falls asleep, preventing him from truly letting go of his past. Eventually, Kratos' desperate attempts to escape his demons lead him to the desert land of Egypt.

Everyone seems to fear him, except for one old man, who tells Kratos that "fate is reserved for you here in the land of the pharaohs." The man also directly addresses Kratos as the Ghost of Sparta, implying that stories of his brutality have spread much further than he initially thought.

True to his character, Kratos disregards the old man's prophecy and continues on his way, but if the question has taught us anything, it's that fate will find Kratos, no matter how far he runs. Now, it seems, that fate includes the Egyptian gods.

Interestingly, God of War 2018 was almost set in Egypt. While the developers obviously ended up choosing Norway, there is an Easter Egg in the game where Kratos and Atreus find runes that reference the mythologies of other ancient cultures, Egypt being one of them. Considering that the Greek and Norse gods already exist in the God of War franchise, it stands to reason that the Egyptian gods would also exist, and Fallen God can finally introduce them to fans of the saga.

It's not clear how big the role of the Egyptian gods will be in the Fallen God series. However, the old man's cryptic message implies that Kratos will spend more time in the land of the pharaohs before traveling to Norway. What exactly he will do with this time remains to be seen.

For now there is no information about the release of the HQ in Brazil.


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