Friday, 23, October, 2020

The product is 100% Brazilian and still aggregates productions of fantasy, fiction, suspense and other related genres

About three years ago, a platform for streaming is in development. It is not something so unprecedented, after all, daily, new ideas arise every moment. The big difference is that it is 100% Brazilian and in its catalog, there will be films and series of horror, suspense, fantasy, science fiction and other related genres. This is the Darkflix, a project idealized by the businessman from Minas Gerais Ernani Silva who already has a registered domain. Accessing the site, it is possible to register to be notified when it is launched. “It is a very demanding audience that grows every day“Said the creator. “I believe they were needy and anxious for a service like this“.

To interested parties, the value has already been disclosed: R$ 9.90 and the subscriber will have access on two different screens and the creation of several profiles, just as it is possible to do with Netflix. In the catalog, about 666 (a very suggestive number, don't you think?) Productions, from classic TV and cinema, independent titles to great productions like Godzilla (1954), Tales from the Crypt and Beyond imagination.

According to the creator, the Darkflix will be launched in three moments:

  • As a cable TV channel streaming with hourly schedule, free of charge, which will be accessed through a registration in the official application of Darkflix, scheduled for launch in May.
  • As a service of films and series with daily premieres of new content,
    scheduled to be released next June.
  • As a platform for comics and comic books, also free, that will work within the same application with launch scheduled for next September.

The idea is to make a new film available each day and a new series every week. Initially, I focused on the catalog of producers with whom I already had a commercial relationship“Said Ernani, who has experience with production of materials of the genres. For the first few months of streaming, Ernani cataloged about 2 thousand titles that he considered relevant to the project and soon after, cataloged rarities.

Today, Silva is focused on partnerships with major film studios, independent producers in order to grow the Darkflix and also, growth in disclosure to producers. “This is a job that never ends“He said. “We need to keep the interest of our audience“, Finished.


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