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Start Books News Darkside announces cover and pre-sale of Kiss of Deception

Darkside announces cover and pre-sale of Kiss of Deception

Kiss Of Deception, in Mary E. Pearson, is the new launch of Darkside. The novel evokes cultures from our world and transposes them into history through passionate writing. It is the first volume of Chronicles of Love and Hate and promises to change our conception between good and evil and make us rethink all the stereotypes to which we are conditioned.

Plant illusions and you will reap big disappointments from the world

Today Darkside released the final cover of the work and also announced that the pre-sale is now available through the link:

Check out the cover:

Kiss Of Deceptio cover | Image: Darkside

In Kiss of DeceptionEverything seemed perfect, a real fairy tale - except for the protagonist of this story. Morrighan is a realm steeped in traditions, stories and duties, and the First
Daughter of Casa Real, a 17 year old girl named Lia, decided to escape an arranged marriage that supposedly would seal peace between two kingdoms through an alliance
policy. The chosen young prince is then forced to cross the continent
to find it at any cost. But this also becomes the mission of a feared
killer. Who will find it first?

When you find yourself refugee in a small distant village - the perfect place to
start over - she tries to be an ordinary person, establishing herself as a waitress, and
hiding his royalty life.
What Lia doesn't know when she meets two mysterious young men who have just arrived in the village, is
that one of them is the prince who has been abandoned and is desperately looking for him,
and the other, a cold, seductive killer sent to end his brief life. Lia if
you will find betrayals and secrets that will unveil a new world around you.

Mary E. Pearson has an arts degree from Long Beach State University, and a master's degree from San Diego State University. She ventured to work as an artist for a while, until she received the greatest challenge that life could bring her: being a mother. She loves long walks, cooking and traveling to new destinations whenever the opportunity arises. She is currently a full-time author and lives in San Diego, along with her husband and her two dogs.


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