Sunday, 5th, December, 2021

DarkSide Books Releases Special Edition Halloween: The Legacy of Michael Myers

The edition is part of the Macabra Halloween release schedule, a label by DarkSide® Books that honors the power and beauty of horror in the seventh art.

The Macabre Movies, in partnership with DarkSide Books is launching a special edition of the book in Brazil Halloween: The Legacy of Michael Myers. Who is in line at movie theaters to watch Halloween Kills: The Horror Continues can not lose. It is a book made by fan for fan, with special treatment from the first Brazilian publisher entirely dedicated to horror.

Halloween: The Legacy of Michael Myers is the definitive guide to Haddonfield and its inhabitants. The macabre universe created by the master John Carpenter in 1978 it became one of the most iconic films in cinema. Halloween helped shape the slashers and remains alive – and mightily scary – more than 40 years after its release.

DarkSide Books lança edição especial Halloween: O Legado de Michael Myers 1

The most complete book about the franchise is full of revealing interviews and talks about origins, inspirations, returns, dark curiosities, soundtrack, deleted scenes, alternative versions, discarded ideas, studio interference, casting tests, reinventions, reviews and among others.

The edition is part of the release schedule of Macabre Halloween, DarkSide Books' stamp that honors the power and beauty of horror in the seventh art.

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Macabra Filmes is the farm of horror. We share horror and beauty, life and death. We toast with blood the joys of existing. We cultivate the first breath, the opening of eyes, the chill down our spine, the scream on the roller coaster, the twilight and the eternal darkness. For us, fear is natural – and life a supernatural gift. It's pure terror. 100% macabre. Learn more at

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