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Darkside releases biography of the couple Ed and Lorraine Warren

Darkside Ed Lorraine

It's not today that horror fans know Ed Warren and your wife, Lorraine. The couple was portrayed in highly successful films such as Invocation of Evil, Annabelle and Horror in Amityville. They faced the most sinister mysteries of the past sixty years, always in search of the truth. Now, Darkside decided to publish Ed & Lorraine Warren: Demonologists, the definitive biography of the most famous paranormal investigators of our astral plane.

In Ed & Lorraine Warren: Demonologists, Gerald Brittle unravel some of the main real cases experienced by the Warren. Ed and Lorraine allowed the author exclusive access to his supernatural archives, which include extraordinary accounts of poltergeists, haunted houses and demonic possessions. The result is a book rich in details like no other.

Originally launched in 1980, and previously unpublished in Brazil, Ed & Lorraine Warren: Demonologists it is undoubtedly the most complete dossier on the most famous exorcists / ghost hunters in the world. In the pages of the book, the reader ends up becoming a little more intimate with Lorraine Rita and Edward Warren Miney. Two soul mates who completed each other by dividing, among so many things, the same vocation: offering spiritual help to the possessed and tormented.

The DarkSide Books will release the edition to commemorate the publisher's birthday in October.

I'm already anxious, and you?


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