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Darkside launches book that inspired the classic 'The Birds'

Celebrating the year that marks the 80th anniversary of the first edition, the DarkSide announced the launch of The birds, in Frank Baker, book that inspired the famous classic directed by Alfred Hitcock, in 1963.

The Bird Book | Image: Darkside

Narrated in first person by one of the survivors of the deadly attack, the novel draws a panorama that is both ironic and critical of Western capitalism and societies, which were still recovering from the First World War and the economic crisis that started with the New York Stock Exchange Crash , in 1929, but they continued to commit barbarities, in the name of civilization, in places like Africa.

The edition will be published in hardcover, faithful to the final version, revised by hand by the author, in 1964. The work also has an introduction by Ken Mogg, a respected scholar of Hitchcock's work. The publisher is already responsible for the first relaunch of Robert Bloch's Psychosis, in Brazil.

The DarkSide explains that in the credits of the film it is said that the story is based on the short story The birds, in Daphne du Marier, a writer accused of plagiarism for Frank Baker. Almost thirty years after its release, the author threatened to sue Marier and Hitchcok, proving that the original creation is his.

The birds will be available from October 3rd.




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