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Challenge Under Fire Brazil and Latin America: Three Brazilians dispute the grand final

Four participants and only one big winner. Who will take the title of best blacksmith in Latin America?

The third season of the hottest reality show in the Americas is coming to an end on October 1st. Challenge Under Fire Brazil and Latin America, original production of History, among many novelties in this edition, we had an Argentine presenter and actor, Michel Brown, a judge and four Brazilian competitors, including the first woman to participate in the series in Latin America, university professor Juliana from Rio de Janeiro. The national team did well and secured three places in the grand final: Cléber (DF), Milton (PR) and Sandro (RS) are among the four finalists.

Before the start of the season, we talked to one of the participants in the final stretch, Cléber Melo, who left the technology to venture into the cutlery. Married for 14 years and father of two children, 10 and 12 years old, Cléber started in cutlery as a hobby in 2009. In addition to a course at the University of Brasília, he also won the Best Beginner award with his first full knife at Salão Paulista Cutlery, in 2010. He started to specialize and acquire equipment. For eight years he gave classes in handmade cutlery, three years ago he definitively switched from technology to cutlery. At events, he makes demonstrations of forge, handmade knives and the cool thing is that he promotes sweepstakes with small pieces forged by him to the people who are at the fair / event.


Currently, he has a professional workshop in Brasília and sells three to four pieces, including knives and pocket knives, per month. It receives orders from all over Brazil, from simple orders to personalized knives, with noble materials. According to the cutler, his main activity is cutlery and it was through television that he became aware of reality and that he saw himself participating until it became reality. Remembering that he offers a cutlery course and points out that with dedication it is possible to go far. And today, Cléber has become one of the finalists in this competition that warmed the Brazilian hearts with cutlery.

In addition to the Brazilian Cléber Melo, the gaucho Sandro Boeck and the curitibano Milton Rodrigues, the Argentine Diego is in the final dispute for the title of best forger in Latin America and the prize of ten thousand dollars. The first two seasons of the series were won by gauchos Tom Silva (2018) and Daniel Jobim (2019). The time has come to cheer for the Brazilians. Which Brazilian will win the third championship? Does the award come to Brazil for the third time? This we will discover next Thursday, October 1st.


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