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Private Desert | Longa is chosen to represent Brazil at the Oscar 2022


private desert, from the principal Aly Muritiba, was chosen by the Academia Brasileira de Cinema to represent Brazil in the dispute for a place in the category of best international film at the Oscar of 2022. Awarded at this year's Venice Film Festival, this month the Brazilian film won the public award, PREMIO DEL PUBBLICO BNL 2021, from Mostra Venice Days, the feature will make its Brazilian premiere at the 45th Mostra Internacional de Cinema in São Paulo, which starts next week. On November 25, it hits theaters across the country.

"I am feeling extremely happy and honored to have my film chosen to represent Brazil in the Oscar race in 2022. private desert  is a love film, made in a conflagrated, divided country, which has been ruled in the sign under the hate speech, and to have, in this context, in this historical moment, a love film like the one chosen to represent our country, is a beautiful thing message, a beautiful signal, sent by the representatives of the Academia Brasileira de Cinema. A message of belief in cinema, and belief in the transforming power of love, tolerance, encounter. I am very happy to have this responsibility, to bring to the members of the North American Film Academy another vision, a different vision of Brazil. A kinder, more tolerant Brazil. A Brazil that is much more willing to meet, smile and pleasure than to dispute, war, anger and hatred“, celebrates Muritiba.

The film stars Antonio Saboia (Bacurau), as Daniel, a policeman away from work after making a mistake. He lives in Curitiba, with a sick father, whom he takes care of with devotion. Morose, Daniel speaks little, and smiles even less. His only reason for joy is the mysterious Sara, a girl who lives in the backlands of Bahia, and with whom he corresponds via cell phone application. Sara's sudden disappearance makes Daniel decide to cross the country in search of her love. 

"private desert  is a dating movie. Since 2016, with the coup that removed a democratically elected president from power, my generation, formed after the Military Dictatorship, has faced the most dramatic moment of its existence. The country sank into a spiral of hatred that culminated in the election of a fascist as president. After Jair Bolsonaro's election, all minorities, women, indigenous people, the LGBTQIA+ community, blacks, among others, were systematically persecuted, and the country was divided between the conservative south and the progressive north and northeast. This age of hate motivated me when I decided on what my next movie would be. I would do a work on encounters. In this moment of hate, I decided to make a movie about love“, explains the filmmaker. 

private desert  will be released in Brazil by pandora



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