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Mother's Day | Executives combine work with motherhood

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To celebrate the Mothers Day, which this year takes place on May 9, we asked the executives who work at the companies served by Sing Comunicação, what are the biggest challenges of working at home and reconciling the home office with children and other day-to-day tasks.

Among the executives are Caroline Raimundo, Head of Marketing at Acer Brasil; Dr. Camila Morais Leite, coordinating partner of the Tax sector, at Marcelo Tostes Advogados; and Nadia Guimarães, academic director of Instituto Daryus de Ensino Superior Paulista (IDESP) and COO of Grupo Daryus.

They live in meetings, are executives and love to close a deal, in addition to taking care of their children. Check out the testimonials of the executives:

Caroline Raimundo

Dia das Mães | Executivas conciliam trabalho com a maternidade 1
Caroline Raimundo, Head of Marketing at Acer Brasil

Head of Marketing at Acer Brasil, has two children: Luca (8 years old) and Fiorela (6 years old). To reconcile work and care for children in the literacy phase, during the pandemic, Caroline organized herself: “I transformed the kitchen table into a great coworking area where my children and I spent part of the day together, me working and them studying.

And, whenever there are doubts about school tasks, they raise their hands and I will help them. I learned to have time to connect and disconnect and I understood that it is not wrong to focus on other activities of personal life and seek greater balance during this moment. When we know when to place and stick to schedules, everyone understands and follows you as an example ”.

Camila Morais Leite

Dia das Mães | Executivas conciliam trabalho com a maternidade 2
Camila Morais Leite - Partner Coordinator of the Tax Law and LGPD area of MTostes

The lawyer Dra. Camila Morais Leite is coordinating partner of the Tax sector, Marcelo Tostes Advogados. Graduated in Law from Faculdade Milton Campos, has a postgraduate degree in Tax Law from the Center for Studies in the Federal Legal area (CEAJUFE) and specializes in International Tax Law from the Austral University (Buenos Aires). On this Mother's Day, Dr. Camila reports a little about the experience of reconciling professional and personal life.

“The challenge today is to get home and put professional concerns aside. The time with my children needs to be qualitative. I kept policing myself until I reached this awareness and I realize how safe my children feel when I am dedicated to them. For a long time, I felt guilty about leaving the house and leaving them with the nanny. Gradually, I realized that what is most relevant in the mother-child relationship is not necessarily the time we spend together, but the complicity and security that is built. Even working out, I stipulated that I would be present at lunch, in the bath. All of this generates a feeling of welcome and trust.

In addition, I consider the frank dialogue about the importance of my work to be very important, so that they realize early on that this routine is normal and that my job can be balanced with our family life, without any prejudice to their development.

For new moms, Dr. Camila also leaves her tips. “My tip is that they don't cover that much. In this scenario in which homes were invaded by their children's work and school, mothers became even more overwhelmed. In order to maintain mental sanity, some waivers need to be made and radicalism needs to give way to flexible rules in the family environment. In my case, I gave up the exaggerated discipline in relation to the feeding of my children and the time of exposure to the screens. If I say it makes me feel calm, I'll be lying.

But it was the way I found to relieve the tensions that the absence of physical contact with friends causes in this phase of early childhood. If it is not easy for us adults, imagine it for our children.

Therefore, even facing this domestic chaos that is almost irreconcilable with the professional demands imposed on us, it is extremely important that we observe the behavior of our children and try to minimize as much as possible the sad impact of non-socialization, because, although everyone is adapting, we are the ones adults in the relationship. Force moms, all this will pass and we will be more empathetic survivors and more resilient professionals!

Nadia Guimarães

Dia das Mães | Executivas conciliam trabalho com a maternidade 3
Nadia Guimarães- Academic Director of IDESP and COO of the Daryus Group

Nadia Guimarães, academic director of Instituto Daryus de Ensino Superior Paulista (IDESP) and COO of Grupo Daryus, has 30 years of experience in the areas of IT, business management, marketing and people. She divides her time between work and family. "I tend to say that once a businesswoman, her professional and personal life is sometimes one, but I always try to maintain a healthy routine both in the workplace and in the family." The executive is the mother of two children, one 15 years old and the other 21 years old and has been married for 22 years and is proud of the family she formed. In her spare time, Nadia does not spare a moment with her family and takes the opportunity to contemplate nature.

"It is good for the soul and renews energies". Nadia was a mother at 23 and at 28 she was pregnant with her second child. In this same period, the birth of the Daryus Group and the closure of its master's degree took place. “I have always made it clear to my family that work and studies are a road for life and that children only add up on that road. We keep a family lunch schedule on the weekends and movies and TV shows during the week so we stay close together ”.

For the executive, in the home environment it is necessary to follow the same dynamics of the office. "You have to have an agenda for activities, considering household chores, work and leisure with the family".

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