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International Women's Day | 08 Great cinema professionals

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International Women's Day, March 8th, is a great reason to reflect on the role and importance of women in the society in which we operate. The year 2020 was marked by articles, news of femicide in Brazil and in the world. In the midst of a pandemic that has dragged on to this day, the disease that kills the most is not just the coronavirus. Man is also the cause of much destruction, pain, wounds that do not heal.

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It's not enough to give flowers on Women's Day, pamper her on her wedding anniversary, while mistreating her on other days. It is painful to turn on the radio and TV and realize that the woman is the target of harassment, murder and most of the time the 'comrade' does not accept a “NO”. A woman is a public figure, but her body is not.

For this reason, and many other reasons, we made a selection in the most diverse styles and with the most inspiring stories, to show the importance of each one in the search for more equality between men and women. Check out.

Jodie Foster

jodie began her artistic life with television advertisements for Coppertone at the age of three and, as a child, played various roles in Disney television series and children's films. The big moment in her career, however, would come in 1991, when she won her second Oscar as FBI agent Clarice Starling in the hit The Silence of the Lambs, in which he starred with Anthony Hopkins, which would also win the Oscar for best actor (the film also took the award for best film and best director). In recent years, Jodie Foster has increasingly interspersed work as an actress with that of a producer – which she debuted in Nell, 1994 – and allowed him to found his own film production company in Los Angeles, the Egg Pictures.

Patty Jenkins

Patricia Lea "Patty" Jenkins is an American film director and screenwriter. She is known for directing the movies. monster (2003) and Wonder Woman (2017). The most famous movie that Patty had directed so far is monster, a docufiction about the serial killer Aileen Wuornos, which won the Oscar for Best Actress for Charlize Theron.

On July 14, 2011, Jenkins received a nomination for the Emmy for Best Drama Series Director for the pilot of The Killing. She has received two nominations for the 2012 DGA Awards for Outstanding Board of Directors achievement, one for “Outstanding Directorial Achievement in Drama Series” and “Outstanding Directorial Achievement in Television Film / Mini-series” by The Killing. On January 28, 2012, she won the DGA Award for Outstanding Directorial Achievement for a Drama Series for the pilot of The Killing.

In April 2015, it was revealed that Jenkins would direct the film for Wonder Woman, DC's fourth Extended Universe film scheduled for 2017. Jenkins was signed after the original director, Michelle MacLaren, left the project due to creative differences. Jenkins was previously considered to direct Thor: The Dark World, but left the project due to creative differences.

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Adelia Sampaio

Daughter of a maid, Adelia had a difficult start in life and was even estranged from her mother during childhood, and was raised in a nursing home because the salary her mother received was not enough to support her. At 13, he moved to Rio de Janeiro with his family to live with his sister, who worked at a company that distributed Russian films. There, for the first time, she enters a movie theater and watches Ivan the Terrible in Sergei Eisenstein. Adélia was a pioneer in black Brazilian cinematography, living in a patriarchal, white and elitist environment. She debuted as a director in 1979, with the short film empty report.

In 1984 he released his first feature film, cursed love, for which he was also screenwriter (with José Louzeiro) and producer. The film premiered shortly after in some movie theaters in São Paulo, with a censorship warning for those under 18 years old. Despite not having publicity, the film was a success, it was shown in Rio de Janeiro, gained public and traveled to International Festivals. in 2018 cursed love it was screened at FIM CINE (International Festival of Women in Cinema and at Mostra Directeurs Negras no Cinema Brasileiro).

Kathryn Bigelow

Kathryn Ann Bigelow is an American filmmaker who became the first woman to win an Oscar for best direction for The Hurt Locker (state of war). The award was also disputed by Avatar in James Cameron, ex-husband of Kathryn. In an interview with the journalist Jason Solomons from the British newspaper The Guardian, in which he talked about his main films (point breakStrange DaysK-19: The Widowmaker and The Hurt Locker), Bigelow spoke about the two key themes of her career: men and the military, saying she was “attracted to provocative characters.”.

In April 2010, Bigelow was named one of the most influential people of the year by Team 100.

Anna Muylaert

Anna Muylaert is a Brazilian filmmaker, television director and screenwriter. He studied cinema at the School of Communication and Arts at USP. As a screenwriter, he participated in the creation teams of the programs Mundo da Lua (1991) and Castelo Rá-tim-bum (1995) on TV Cultura, Disney Club (1997), on SBT, and Um Menino muito Maluquinho (2006), on TVE Brasil , in addition to having written the episode of Open a Door :"The boy, the favela and the pot lids", directed by Cao Hamburger.

As a director, she directed several short films, including “Rock Paulista”, The Origin of Babies according to Kiki Cavalcanti (1996) and the feature film Durval Discs (2002), award for best film and best director at the 30th Gramado Film Festival, this one in 2009, Smoking is prohibited with Glory Saucer and Paulo Miklos.

In 2015, he directed What time does she come back?, feature film awarded in the Sundance Festival, in the United States and in the Berlin Festival, in Germany. In 2016, he directed mother there is only one screened in February 2016 at the Berlin Film Festival and won the prize for best film by the reader jury of the German magazine “Männer”.

Agnes Varda

Agnes Varda, born Arlette Varda, was a Belgian filmmaker and photographer, based in France. She was also a professor at the European Graduate School. Doctorate Honoris Causa by the Lusófona University of Humanities and Technologies, in March 2016. Her films focused on documentary realism, or non-fiction forms of media, focusing on feminism and/or on producing social critiques in an experimental style. Varda worked with many locations at a time when technological limitations forced or made studio shooting or filming more common. She also hired amateur actors, something quite unusual for 1950s cinema. Agnès Varda died on March 28, 2019, aged 90, from cancer. At the time of her death, Varda was the oldest person to be nominated for an Academy Honorary Oscar and the first director to receive the award.

Sofia Coppola

Sofia Carmina Coppola is an Italian-American filmmaker, screenwriter, producer and actress. In 2003, he received the Oscar for Best Original Screenplay by the movie Lost in Translation, and became the third woman to be nominated for an Oscar for Best Director. In 2010, with the drama somewhere, she became the fourth US filmmaker (among them the first woman) to win the golden lion, the highest prize at the Venice Film Festival. She is also the daughter of filmmaker, producer and screenwriter Francis Ford Coppola. In 2017, Coppola directed The Beguiled, starring Nicole Kidman, Elle Fanning and Kirsten Dunst, based on the eponymous novel by Thomas P. Cullinan. The film premiered at the 70th Cannes Film Festival, where Coppola became the second woman to receive the award for best director in the festival's history. 

Jennifer Kent

Jennifer Kent (born 1969) is an Australian actress, writer and director best known for her directorial debut, the horror film The Babadook (2014). Your second movie, The Nightingale (2018), premiered at the 75th Venice International Film Festival and was released in the United States on August 2, 2019.

In 2005, Kent directed his short monster , which has been screened at over 50 festivals around the world. In 2014, she adapted her short to a feature film The Babadook, starring essie davis, whom Kent met at drama school. The film tells the story of a single mother played by Davis who must face a sinister presence in her home as she deals with her husband's death. the babadook debuted on 2014 Sundance Film Festival in the prestigious Midnight section. The film was quickly chosen for distribution in the United States by the IFC Films. Kent has drafted five of the feature film's script, received most of his funding from the Australian government, and led a campaign on Kickstarter to help raise US $ 30,000 to pay for the construction of the set. the babadook received wide critical acclaim, with the director of The Exorcist , William Friedkin, tweeting that he had never seen a scarier movie, and doubled his budget with $ 4.9 million at the worldwide box office.  O script of Babadook won the Betty Roland Screenplay Award at 2015 Premier New South Wales Literary Award

Kent gave a voice to the press about the lack of female directors in horror cinema. 

“That will change as the world changes. Women love watching horror movies. It's been proven, and they've run all the tests. Demographics are half men, half women. And we know fear. It's not like we can't explore the subject. ” – Wikipedia

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