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Review: Fun Mind

Balancing emotions

Inside Out (Inside Out) made children and adults anxious with their trailers. Focused on showing, in a very fun way, the emotions illustrated as little people inside the head, Inside Out it did well in its dissemination, using very creative videos.

The film was not just right in the publicity, it hit EVERYTHING! With great dynamics, the right dose of sentimentality and a lot of humor, the work promises to please all viewers.

Divertida Mente
Fun Mind | Image: Disney

Directed by Peter Docter (Up- High Adventures), the plot presents the life of Riley (voice of Kaitlyn Dias) by seeing your emotions Fear (voice of Bill Hader), Joy (voice of Amy Poehler), Disgust (voice of Mindy Kaling), Rage (voice of Lewis Black) and Sadness (voice of Phyllis Smith). Riley is governed mainly by joy, which makes a girl very happy and well connected with her parents (voice of Diane Lane and Kyle MacLachlan). However, a change occurs in his 11 years that can seriously affect Riley's mood.

Even releasing several videos and images, the studio did not divulge much about the script for the film, which was a good choice, since this mystery only improved the quality of the film.

The animation is the return of the wonderful classics of Pixar, a grateful triumph after a series of failed works by the company. Inside Out possesses that perfect combination of humor followed by a profound reflection on life that always hits the viewer with certainty in the heart, the famous “it's okay to cry, no one will judge you”.

Resenha Divertida Mente
Fun Mind | Image: Disney

Creativity is the key word of the plot. It was a great idea to make a feature film focused on the personified version of the emotions and the way it was all built in Riley's mind was just amazing. For example, each part of Riley's life is divided into different 'islands' or worlds, each representing something important in her life, family, friendship and the like.

With some more adult references, mainly in relation to romantic relationships and puberty, the animation also manages to please adults, who without a doubt will already sympathize with the premise. There is a great moral lesson - as there are always in Pixar features - that give a beautiful ending to the plot. Intelligent and original, Inside Out it's a spectacular design.

In Brazil the voice acting team is this: Otaviano Costa being Fear, Dani Calabresa like Disgust, Leo Jaime like rabies, Katiuscia Canoro like Sadness and Miá Mello like Joy.

See the full sheet and full cast of Divertida Mente

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Thunder Wave note
Intelligent and original, Fun Mind is a spectacular design


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