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Gift | All about Amazon's hit national series

O Amazon Prime Video is investing in national content and finding a standout in the audiovisual market in Brazil. Not afraid to bet big, the company launched Sun, a police drama that is not afraid to show the violence of Rio de Janeiro, also investing in showing the human side of a famous Rio de Janeiro bandit.

The production is part of 11 national series that were announced by the company and it seems that it will not stop there, as the service bets on the strength that the stories created by Brazilians have according to the declaration of Malu Miranda to Thunder Wave: “I am very excited today with this whole story, of being in this room, almost two years ago with Breno telling this incredible story about Victor and Pedro and now we have this beautiful series that goes to over 200 countries around the world . I think the strength of Brazil's storytelling is extremely strong and no one better than Breno to open this beautiful door that we will be able to use as a showcase in Brazil for the rest of the world ”.

The national series seems to have conquered the public and was renewed for a second season, which is already in production.

DOM story

Dom | Tudo sobre a série nacional de sucesso da Amazon 1

Inspired by a true story, the production continues Pedro Dom, a boy from the middle class of Rio de Janeiro who became known as the “cat bandit”. Introduced to cocaine at an early age, he becomes the leader of a criminal gang that appears in the newspapers in the early 2000s. On the other side of the story is Pedro's father, the diver Victor Dantas. As a young man, he made an important discovery at the bottom of the sea and, with that, ended up joining the police intelligence service in Rio de Janeiro.

Throughout the 1970s, Victor became engaged in the fight against drugs – especially cocaine, which was beginning to spread throughout Brazil. He just didn't imagine that, later on, he would have to fight to get his son out of addiction and the world of crime. Sun thus it shows two opposing journeys that mirror and complement each other, as both characters challenge the boundaries between right and wrong.

What is the cast of DOM?

Dom | Tudo sobre a série nacional de sucesso da Amazon 2

Gabriel Leone plays Pedro Dom and Flávio Tolezoni, his father, Victor Dantas. The cast also brings Rachel Villar, Isabella Santoni, Ramon Francisco and Digão Ribeiro like the other members of the tram commanded by Pedro Dom. Filipe Bragança plays the role of Victor Dantas in his youth, while Laila Garin and Mariana Cerrone they embody, respectively, the protagonist's mother and sister. The cast, which totals more than 185 people and 3,000 extras, also includes names like Fábio Lago, Julia Konrad and André Mattos.

DOM was recorded in several states and even outside Brazil

The series is a partnership between the streaming service and Conspiracy Films. Run in chronological order to follow the different phases of the narrative, which follows Victor in the 70s and Pedro in the 2000s, DOM had more than 170 real locations, passing through four Brazilian states: Alagoas, Pernambuco, Paraíba and Rio de Janeiro and even countries like Uruguay. In all, 341 stage vehicles were used (including motorcycles, vintage cars, army cars, buses) and 10 stage boats (including speedboats, boats, yachts).

The series ended its recording the day before the country went into lockdown by the COVID-19 pandemic and had all its post-production adjusted to be done remotely, the recordings had many actors and extras involved, mainly in scenes with a large amount of people, like those at funk balls. Recording ended in February 2020, and the worldwide release was scheduled for the second half of last year until it was delayed by the pandemic.

sharing opinions

The series is a big bet of Amazon in the country, but it seems to have divided opinions among critics. Tamara Yumi, of Thunder Wave, reports that despite the series keeping itself at a fast pace, the story is well approached, showing the different sides that the characters have.

John Doyle of Globe and Mail says that this is not the first time that Rio's unearthly beauty has been presented as concealing intense depravity and corruption, but here it is seen as an incessantly generational malignity.

joel keller, of decide, thinks that there are issues to be improved. He hopes that the Victor/Pedro dynamic will be developed a little further, to make DOM more than just a standard crime drama.


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