The gaming universe is full of wonders, especially with games that are linked to mental health. Furthermore, they have stories and characters that become exemplary. And you can't forget its sporting side, with many titles linked to eSport. But unfortunately, like everything, it always has a negative and dark side.

And this tends to be the toxicity of some communities and players. And also – unfortunately – the obsession of people who cannot stop playing, going so far as to kill others in the “name of games”. Video games, like literature, radio, TV and cinema, are not the real culprits, but rather those who somehow use them as an excuse. So, check out these six cases of murders linked to obsession with video games below.

1. Columbine massacre

Dossiê | 6 mortes ligadas a obsessão por videogames 1

In 1999, Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold began a 49-minute shootout in Columbine High School of Denver, murdering 13 people and then committing suicide. The reason: his parents took away his video game privileges. Several times previously, the parents of the two teenagers had banned them from playing video games, this being the 'fact' that led them to display violent and irrational behavior. But with his excellent academic performance and lack of signs of emotional disturbance, the families did not delve into this behavior.

According to press information, Harris, the mastermind of the deaths, was addicted to the game Doom, a science fiction and horror first-person shooter video game. Those who have played Doom online with Harris say he created a game level based on the floor plan of Columbine High School.

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The design was almost an exact replica of the school, minus some wings of it because the game did not contain enough data for it to fully match the layout. Harris played in “God mode,” which took away the skill and competition that Doom typically encourages.

Instead, in God mode he created a rehearsal for the massacre that the two would end up carrying out in real life. In a journal entry, Harris wrote, “I feel like God and wish I was, with everyone being OFFICIALLY inferior to me.” They killed 12 students and a teacher and injured 23 others before killing themselves.

2. The Aurora Massacre

Dossiê | 6 mortes ligadas a obsessão por videogames 2

On July 20, 2012, a movie theater was packed with moviegoers eager to see the midnight screening of the Batman the Dark Knight Rises. The groups of friends and family, including a father and his six-year-old daughter, who attended the screening, could never have planned what would happen next. The murder suspect, james holmes, entered the cinema through the back entrance and killed twelve people in cold blood, injuring seventy others.

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James Holmes was reportedly obsessed with video games. Among a host of disturbing evidence, including a collection of weapons, more than 1,700 rounds of ammunition and medication, police took an inventory of several video games, such as SkyRim, StarCraft and Oblivion – all multiplayer games with RPG components.

3. Sandy Hook Elementary School Shooting

Dossiê | 6 mortes ligadas a obsessão por videogames 3

Adam Lanza, 20, was obsessed with violent battle games that he played in the large suburban house where he lived alone with his mother, a teacher who became the first victim of his horrific shooting spree in December 2012.

His bloodlust continued in real life, when after murdering his mother, he killed 20 children and another five teachers. Authorities allegedly found thousands of dollars worth of video games in Lanza's home. Lanza's obsession with gaming apparently led him to try to "get a high body count" in the shooting, columnist said Mike Lupica. One of Lanza's favorite games was Call of Duty, an intense shooter set in World War II.

4. Daniel Petric

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When the parents of Daniel Petric, 16-year-old from Ohio, banned him from playing Halo 3 After becoming so obsessed with the game that he played up to 18 hours a day, Daniel decided to “get revenge”. According to prosecutors, Daniel's parents kept the game in a safe in the same closet where his father kept a 9mm gun.

One night, Daniel found his father's key and went into the closet to retrieve the game and gun. He then walked into the room where his parents were sitting and told them, “Close your eyes, I have a surprise for you.” Thinking the teen was about to apologize for his previous actions, the two followed his orders and were instantly shot in the head multiple times. His mother died and his father was seriously injured. He then said to his father, “Hey dad, here’s your gun. Take it,” in an attempt to make the murder look like a murder-suicide carried out by his father.

5. Nehemiah Griego

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In January 2013, Nehemiah Griego, fifteen years old, killed his parents and three brothers in New Mexico. The teenager began planning the murders two weeks before they were committed, when he became upset with his mother. His alternative plans were to shoot a Walmart and then think about killing his 12-year-old girlfriend's parents.

When questioned by police, he became cold and emotionless, until he was asked about the video games he played. He was excited when he had the opportunity to talk to authorities about Modern Warfare and Grand Theft Auto. Griego had no problem providing authorities with a blow-by-blow account of the events that transpired.

According to his statements, he murdered his mother while she slept at 1 am and then sent a text message with a photo of his dead mother to his girlfriend. After the first murder, Griego killed his brother and two sisters, aged nine, two and five.

When his father entered his home at 6 a.m. after working the night shift, Griego murdered him as well. He then met up with his girlfriend at 8am and attended the church where his father had once been a pastor, and told people that his family was dead.

6. Devin Moore

Dossiê | 6 mortes ligadas a obsessão por videogames 6

In June 2003, Devin Moore, 18, was awakened by Fayette, Alabama police officers after being found sleeping in a stolen vehicle at 3 am. In a matter of seconds, Devin Moore managed to snatch a .40 caliber Glock-23 from one of the officers' holster and began opening fire.

He shot the two police officers and a dispatcher, all at close range in the head, and then fled in the police car. Devin was caught hours later and made the following statement: “Life is like a video game. Everyone has to die someday.” Devin Moore apparently bought the video game Grand Theft Auto four months before the murders and played day and night.

Source: CNN/BBC/i-lawsuit/WikiPedia


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