Making films, series and books based on real people is very common. And in recent years, bringing some famous serial killers to the screen seems to be the norm. It was like that with Dr. Christopher Duntsch, doctor who killed several patients and inspired the series Dr. Death, or John Wayne Gacy became known as the Killer clown, which has inspired many series.

And now, one of the most anticipated games of all time, GTA 6, presented in its first trailer the new features that fans can look forward to, such as the title taking place in Vice City, having two protagonists and some curious Easter eggs, such as Lawrence Sullivan, better known as the Florida Joker. Check out the GTA 6 trailer and a little more about it.

GTA 6 trailer

Lawrence Sullivan: The Florida Joker

Dossiê | Conheça o Coringa da Flórida que aparece no trailer de GTA 6 1

Lawrence Sullivan, also known as The Florida Joker, was first arrested in 2017. According to CBS Miami, “A distinguished-looking man was detained by police in southwest Miami-Dade and is facing a gun charge. ” The case happened shortly after 6:30 p.m., when police received reports describing a man with facial tattoos and green hair – who looks a lot like the man. Joker of films Batman – after allegedly pointing a gun at passing cars on a local street.

When a police officer arrived, they found Lawrence Sullivan, 29 years old at the time, who fit the description. The officer questioned Sullivan while conducting a search, where he found a gun Smith & Wesson .380 in one of Sullivan's pockets and arrested him. The young man was arrested for carrying a concealed weapon and on bail of US$ 5,000, although his defender tried to get him a lower bail, pointing out that he lived with his mother. Sullivan's arrest affidavit listed his job as “tattoo modeling,” the Herald added.

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Florida Joker said tattooed face represents tragedies in his life

Dossiê | Conheça o Coringa da Flórida que aparece no trailer de GTA 6 2

In 2018, Florida's Joker was arrested again and held without bail in Pinellas County. Sullivan claims he missed several court-ordered appointments with his psychiatrist and that's why he was arrested.

“My mom is 70 and has multiple sclerosis, so I don't really work and my dad is 70, so it's hard for me to get money to pay for classes and take an Uber there. So, I didn’t have a ride or money at the time,” Sullivan said. According to him, when he was arrested, he was on his way to see his probation officer and did not know he had a warrant for his arrest and was taken into custody.

Sullivan, who is a tattoo model, said he doesn't mind being known for looking like the "Joker" from DC Comicss. He became famous on the Internet after his 2017 arrest photo in Miami-Dade County revealed his facial tattoos and neon green hair. “I feel good about it because I make a little money through Instagram doing promotions and other things, because I have more than 122 thousand followers,” he said.

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Sullivan said he likes “Joker” because the character is like a rose to him. He said it resonates with him in describing what he calls the various tragedies in his life, from a friend murdered in Orlando in 2014 to things that others didn't work out. “Rebirth, kind of re-death. That old Lawrence you saw with the plain face is dead. This is Lawrence’s new Joker.”


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