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Dossier | Who are Dr. Randall Kirby and Dr. Robert Henderson, who appear in Dr. Death?

The series Dr. Death shows the intriguing case of the doctor Christopher Duntsch. What happened is not a very old event, being dated around 2015 and is now at its peak again with the release of the production based on the podcast by wondery about the surgeon's history and crimes.

In the work, two names are very important in the investigation, Dr Randall Kirby, interpreted by Christian Slater and Dr. Robert Henderson, lived by Alec Baldwin. The two characters were not created for the narrative, the doctors existed and were instrumental in the overthrow of Christopher Duntsch. Find out who these important people were in the case.

Before starting, read the 1st reviewDr. Death's home.

Who is Randall Kirby?

Dossiê | Quem são Dr. Randall Kirby e Dr. Robert Henderson, que aparecem em Dr. Death? 1
Dr. Randall Kirby/Reproduction

Randall Kirby was a vascular surgeon at Baylor-Plano Medical Center. He met Christopher Duntsch in the doctor's room at the aforementioned hospital.

“Ele me explicou que era o melhor cirurgião de coluna em Dallas”, disse Kirby em um episódio de 2019 de License To Kill. “Ele não tinha a gravidade ou o corpo de trabalho para ser capaz de fazer essa declaração.”

Kirby is currently listed as the current president of Society of Spinal Access Surgeons and president of the Dallas Surgical Specialists and to this day practices medicine in Texas.

How did Dr. Kirby get involved in the Christopher Duntsch case?

Kirby became involved with the case for the first time after being called in to help Duntsch with what was supposed to be a routine procedure. At the time, Kirby realized that Duntsch's technique during surgery was completely wrong: instead of using a scalpel to gently remove a damaged disc, he entered it with a grapple instrument.

Kirby was eventually called in to help with a different surgery, and the patient, Barry Morguloff, was left with bone fragments in his spinal canal and felt constant pain, being temporarily confined to a wheelchair after the procedure, according to his reports to ProPublic.

Randall later teamed up with Henderson to denounce these and other Duntsch cases. See what were the cases.

Who is Robert Henderson?

Dr. Robert Henderson era um cirurgião espinhal respeitado que vinha praticando por quase duas décadas. “O Dr. Henderson é um cirurgião espinhal fantástico”, disse Kirby a License to Kill. “Ele é uma lenda de Dallas.”

He got to know Duntsch and his flawed techniques when he came across a surgery he had performed for which he had to fix the mistake.

Today, Henderson still works as a surgeon focusing on chronic back and leg pain in Texas.

How did Henderson get involved in the Christopher Duntsch case?

Henderson was called in for salvage surgery in Mary Efurd, 71, who was suffering from extreme pain after his operation the day before. The surgeon who performed the operation was Christopher Duntsch.

When Henderson looked at Efurd's postoperative radiographs and later opened it for surgery, he was surprised by what he found: missing screws, a severed nerve root, and several holes drilled in his spine. "It was like he knew everything to do," Henderson told Duntsch of ProPublic, “and then he did pretty much everything wrong”.

How did Kirby and Henderson come together?

Henderson e Kirby, trabalhando na mesma órbita médica, finalmente perceberam que ambos estavam cientes das complicações cirúrgicas catastróficas de Duntsch.“Ele não sentia remorso pelos resultados ruins”, disse Kirby a License to Kill. “Ele continuou operando após cada complicação catastrófica. … Eu simplesmente sabia que ele precisava ser interrompido.”

After another unsuccessful surgery in Baylor-Plano, in which the patient Kellie Martin bled to death, the hospital allowed Duntsch to quietly resign. He was not reported to the Texas Medical Board and soon moved to the Dallas Medical Center.

After teaming up, Kirby and Henderson fought hard to stop Duntsch's operation, which eventually attracted the attention of the Texas Medical Board.

See full story of Dr. Christopher Duntsch, physician who inspired the Dr. Death series


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