DPA3 - An Adventure at the End of the World | First movie teaser released


The Blue Building Detectives (DPA) star in the third feature film of the franchise, scheduled for release in June 2020. Sol (Leticia Braga), Pippo (Pedro Motta) and Bento (Anderson Lima) count on the help of the child witch Berenice (Nicole Orsini) in a magical and freezing place. The first video of the film gives a taste of how it will be DPA3 - An Adventure at the End of the World: full of mysteries, fun and snow everywhere.

Watch in the player above.

With production from Paris Entertainment, coproduction of Gloob and the Globo Films, DPA3 - An Adventure at the End of the World has direction of Mauro Lima and special participation from Lazarus Ramos, Alinne Moraes, Alexandra Richter, Klara Brown and Rafael Cardoso. Filmed in Argentina's Patagonia and Rio de Janeiro, the production is based on Santa Cruz Air Base, Musal - Aeronautics Museum, Bhering Factory, Casa França Brasil and Pedreira Tamoio, in Jacarepaguá.

In the plot, Pippo, Bento and Sol find themselves in trouble when Severino (Ronaldo Reis) finds an object in the debris of an airplane. What looked like a harmless relic was actually one of the faces of the 'Uzur Medallion', responsible for controlling and manipulating all the magic in the world. As soon as he places the artifact around his neck, the beloved porter begins to transform into an evil figure.

When things can't seem to get any worse, the Duvibora witches (Alexandra Richter) and his daughter Dunhoca (Klara Brown), willing to do anything to get their hands on the relic. With the villains on their tail, they must race against time to find half the medallion's good, not counting on Leocádia's help (Claudia Netto), Theobaldo (Charles Myara) and Vó Berta (Suely Franco), which had their powers neutralized by Severino. Then, the detectives and Berenice, led by Commander Téo (Rafael Cardoso), set out on a journey to the End of the World, a freezing and magical place.

In addition to their traditional capes and accessories, they will need gloves, jackets and boots. There, they are helped by the 'Inspectors of La Casa Naranja', the Argentine detectives Pablo, Alejandra and Juanita, and by the wizard Elergun (Lázaro Ramos), who owns a dulce de leche factory, which in fact holds more secrets than sweetness.

Distributed by Paris Filmes, the film will open in theaters in June 2020.


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