The feature film, created by the illustrious Akira Toriyama, can be defined with a single word: NOSTALGICAL.

But, it would be very unfair to compress the joy of seeing those characters so beloved from childhood and pre-adolescence together again, because of a new threat to the planet so loved by our heroes.

The danger begins when the god of destruction is about to wake up, the master Kaiô in contact with the supreme Mr. Kaiô comments on the potential danger that the awakening of that feared entity represents for the universe. And when it comes to a more powerful opponent, Goku does not know how to contain his desire to fight to overcome to face a new challenge.

Bills, the mighty god is curious when he wakes up from his long sleep of more than 30 years and discovers that Freeza, his lackey, had been destroyed by a mere Sayajin, so he decides to investigate the story further and personally meet the person responsible for the feat.

Chronologically the plot takes place a few years after the battle against Majin Buu, and the land lives a long period of peace (compared to the standards of the series). The return of Dragon Ball Z to the big screen indicates that the series has gained a well-deserved, official ending, idealized by Akira Toriyama himself, and the events of Dragon Ball GT can be left out. But fans of the GT anime need not be upset, as theoretically the existence of the series was not denied with the film and was only subjective.

Returning to the universe of Z warriors, we can see a production made only to kill the nostalgia. And things get even better with the voices of the original voice actors. Anyone who is not happy to be able to see Bulma's unpublished tantrums, much of the plot revolves around an event held by her.

Leaving the general nostalgias aside, it is worth saying that Batalha dos Deuses honored the series and offered fans a new story completely within the proposal and universe of Dragon Ball Z. [Spoiler] This time, for some mystery of the universe, Krillin does not die.


The film is very relaxed and full of characteristics pertinent to the anime, some scenes (including Dragon Ball) are chilling, the appeal to good memories. It is a film that fans of the Z saga cannot fail to see. For those who did not follow the series, the experience may not be so satisfactory, due to general decontextualization. To better benefit from Battle of the Gods, to have temporal science and character construction, it is interesting to watch the anime until the Majin Buu saga at least.



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