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Critic: Dragon Ball Z- The Rebirth of Freeza

Dragon Ball is an anime / manga known all over the world and that is why there are several films that tell stories that go beyond the classic chronology of the series.

First, we must establish when the film is set, because let's go. The film starts taking a break after the last film released in 2013 - Dragon Ball Z: The Battle of the Gods, which was presented Bills, the god of destruction and Whiss. The film would be on the timeline after the Saga of Majin Boo and before the saga (horrible) GT.

In this return to the Dragon Ball universe, we have the rebirth of Freeza, one of the biggest villains in the series, Goku had killed on the planet Namekusei when it first turned into Super Saiyan. Freeza is quickly resurrected by his cronies with the help of the little and nostalgic villain Pilaf (Goku's enemy since the beginning of the first Dragon Ball saga).

The problem with the film is around the ease and speed that the villain is defeated, even though Freeza has resurfaced with fantastic abilities, with a new transformation that surpasses the power of the Super Saiyan Gods Goku and Vegeta (who have a different streak and blue hair in this new transformation) he manages to be defeated in less than 30 minutes of fighting. Since Freeza's phase is famous for having fights that took weeks, perhaps the film just focuses on the irony of a fight being very fast and fun at the same time.

The strong point of the animation is the participation of the Z warriors. Piccolo, Gohan, Krillin, Tenchihan and Master kame gather on the scene to fight a thousand Freeza soldiers. I don't really remember the last time Master Kame fought in the Z saga (I believe his last fight appearance was in the classic Dragon Ball series) and entitled to the famous Kamehameha. The blows and all the unique characteristics of the characters in the fight scenes are sensational. The animation of the film is excellent, flows very well and is very beautiful, the anime mixes very well the 2D classic with the innovative 3D and the result is quite satisfactory.

Dragon Ball Z- The Rebirth of Freeza Goku and Vegeta's relationship works well showing the rivalry between them, and focusing on the fact that they need to work as a team, that together they can go far. Both are warned by Bills and Whis that they will complete each other if they fight together.

The dubbing work is once again a success. With the classic voices and a fantastic interpretation, the viewer only has the trouble to see a dubbing of excellent quality and done with care for the true fan.

Dragon Ball Z- The Rebirth of Freeza is run by Tadayoshi Yamamuro with the master's script Akira Toriyama and it cost about five million dollars. With a worldwide box office collection of 61 million dollars. Not bad right.

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Critic: Dragon Ball Z- The Rebirth of FreezaDragon Ball is an anime/manga known around the world and that's why there are several movies that tell stories that go beyond the classic chronology of the series. First, we must establish when the movie takes place, so here we go. The movie starts by taking a break...
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