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DublaCon | First national dubbing event, confirm guests

First convention on dubbing in the world will bring together fans and voice actors to honor professionals in a virtual edition in 2021 and confirmed in-person version in 2022.


In day December 11th, the channel Dubbed Version, of the actor, voice actor and youtuber Ygor Guidoux, will perform the DublaCon, the world's first dubbing convention, which will take place virtually this year and completely free of charge, which already confirms that in 2022 it will have its first in-person edition.

In addition to bringing together and honoring Brazilian dubbing, considered one of the best in the world, the event will feature the presence of several important voice actors from the national scene such as:

  • Wendel Bezerra (SpongeBob voice) Mauro Ramos (voice of the franchise's Pumbaa "The Lion King” and Sulley from “Monsters Inc", gives Disney),
  • Márcio Simões (voice of actors such as Samuel L. Jackson, Will Smith and the voice of Animation Genius "Aladdin", gives Disney),
  • Wirley Contaifer (Spider-Man's voice from UCM),
  • Taryn Szpilman (The voice of Elsa, from the franchise “Frozen", gives Disney),
  • Kika Tristan (singing voice of the main princesses of the Disney from the 90s, such as Jasmine, Pocahontas, Ariel and Megara),
  • Duda Espinoza (Captain America's voice in the Marvel and Garfinho movies, from “Toy Story 4”),
  • Selma Lopes (voice of Marge from the series “The Simpsons"),
  • Fernanda Bullara (voice of Brie Larson on “Captain Marvel"),
  • Andrea Murucci (voiced by princesses Pocahontas and Giselle in “enchanted", gives Disney),
  • Fabio Lucindo (voice of Zac Efron in the franchise "High School Musical” and Krillin in the series “Dragon Ball"),
  • Carmen Sheila (voice of Mrs. Potato Head from the franchise "Toy Story” and Dee Dee from the series “Dexter's Laboratory"),
  • Cecilia Lemes (voice of Chiquinha from the series “Keys” and Tsunade, from “Naruto"),
  • Rodrigo Rossi (singer of the opening theme of “Super Limit Break x Survivor – Dragon Ball Super”),
  • Viola Joe (interpreter of songs from the movies of the Pixar "Toy Story" and "Insect's life”) and many others that will be confirmed in the coming days on the event's social networks.

"DublaCon represents a turning point in the recognition of Brazilian dubbing as the art it really is. Japanese, pop or CCXP events have always had the participation of the voice actors and have always been very successful, but having a dubbing event done by voice actors and with voice actors is another thing. A form of thanks to the fans who accompany us and for the affection and appreciation of our work", says the voice actress Flora Paulita, voice of the doll of "Round 6”, Ariana Grande and Neeko from “League of Legends”.

DublaCon it will consist of panels in which dubbing professionals will exchange their knowledge and experiences in dubbing studios, it will have an exhibition on the history of dubbing in the country and it could not fail to roll great tributes to the most different generations of anime dubbers, classic drawings , Latin soap operas, superhero movies, comedy shows, among many others, as well as shows with the theme interpreters at the end of the day.

"I am extremely happy and honored to be able to start this project, which is nothing more than a moment of joy and gratitude. To the voice actors and fans, my eternal affection and admiration, because DublaCon will be a space where everyone can have the same harmony, energy. Let's celebrate, cheer, thrill and cheer together”, says Ygor Guidoux, creator of the event and creator of the Dublada Version channel, one of the largest channels on dubbing in Brazil.

The company TikTok confirmed presence with a panel in this edition, which will feature the presence of voice actors who will still be announced in the coming days.

Dubbing lovers and fans will have the unique chance to meet the voices behind their favorite characters, get to know behind the scenes of dubbing recordings, live performances and of course, many other surprises.

Registration for the DublaCon this year can already be done on the official website and is completely free:



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