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Review: It's the End

In case of apocalypse, run to James Franco's house!

There is a generation that knows Seth Rogen and your "class" very well. Comedy fans have no doubt watched movies like Slightly Pregnant, Superbad - Today or Holding the Tips, not to mention the series as Freaks and Geeks, titles signed by Rogen that bring much of this gang into the cast. And it is for this audience that the new work It's the end (This is the End), was made. 

The relationship between these actors became so strong that it made room for a film that makes fun of her. Based on the short Jay and Seth vs. The Apocalypse, It's the end is set in the home of James Franco, where the actor is throwing a huge party full of celebrities, gathering a good part of this group mentioned above and including some participations. Jay Baruchel, who just arrived to visit Seth, has no interest in this party or in the participants, revealing that he dislikes any of them.

During the party, the apocalypse begins. Among all the confusion, only the intimates and James Franco are left, Seth Rogen, Jay Baruchel, Jonah Hill, Craig Robinson and Danny McBride, get stuck in the house. While discovering what is happening, several references of the productions in which they worked and jokes with themselves are presented, including making fun of the controversies involving their names.

É o Fim
It's the End | Image: Sony Pictures

In this plot everything becomes a joke, even the choice of the protagonist, Baruchel is the least known and that does not go unnoticed. Anyone who is familiar with the cast will laugh a lot at the funny moments with the bromance between Franco and Rogen, Hill being portrayed as the saint and even the comments of “where was this performance in Green Beetle? ”, Directed to Seth Rogen.

It's the end it is a funny and well elaborated work. Even with some more forced moments, it has a great explanation for the apocalypse and doesn't let the rhythm drop at any time. However, it works much more for those who know the actors, because if not, many jokes will be lost.

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Thunder Wave note
É o Fim is a good comedy that manages to entertain and get a good laugh, however, it will please much more those who know the history of the actors and their work.

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