This is the third book in the saga. In this continuity we can see that Edward and Bella are "fine" after the events of the previous book, New Moon. Now, they are determined to go on together for eternity. However, amid the vows of love, we see more signs of toxicity. In short, it is an abusive relationship, where the vampire has obsessive and possessive behaviors towards his girlfriend, and she, submits to life-threatening situations to stay close to Edward.

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Edward keeps going to Bella's room, to sleep with her, without Charlie knowing. And in this sequence, Jacob becomes a very arrogant person and we see that the construction of his character changes completely. Now, we see a psychological game between Edward and Jacob to see who is the best for Bella who does not know who she really wants and allows herself to be subjected to the macho attitudes of both.

It is agreed that Bella will be transformed after graduation from high school and she wants more than anything in life. However, the character is so selfish that she doesn't think about the father, the mother, the people who love her. She is willing to sacrifice her life to be forever with Edward and to end the bizarre, he imposes that the girl marry him (she is not even 20 yet). Bella is reluctant about this, having suffered from her parents' separation, not believing in the marriage institution. However, in the course of reading, we see that she gives in to the boy's “request”.

“But there will never be more than the two of us. And I will never sit on any balcony, with him gray by my side, surrounded by grandchildren. ”

And to make matters worse, Edward decides to make Jacob jealous by saying that he and Bella will get married. Jacob is furious and becomes immature. A passage where we realize how gigolo he becomes is when he steals a kiss from Bella and she gets hurt by punching his face in refusal of his action. Then Edward enters the game, forbidding his girlfriend to see his friend. This shows the possessiveness of the vampire, who often sabotages Bella's trip to the Quileute Reserve, or who is always driving and she as a passenger, as if she cannot come and go of her own free will. And we see Jacob's feeling of irrational and animalistic possessiveness saying that he would rather see Bella dead than as a vampire, forcing a feeling on her that she claims not to feel.

A lot happens in this book and as much as it has these situations that we should avoid romanticizing, unlike the previous ones, Bella seems to have, at certain moments, a more active voice, which she did not have in the previous ones. And it serves as an example to compare the current relationships that often end in a brutal way and this makes people realize that literature can often bring elements of reality showing that while romanticizing a possessive vampire and an obsessive wolf , women can, yes, have a more active voice, have more strength and impose themselves in the face of oppressive situations.

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eclipse-signs-of-possessiveness-and-obsessionThe character Bella is a challenge. In moments it imposes itself, in others it submits to what others want. We realize that what an abusive relationship can become in the course of the work, however, does not fail to illustrate the reality. After all, reality and fiction go hand in hand.


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