Friday, 23, October, 2020

Based on the success of the feature films of Marvel, the series features striking characters and epic stories from the Avengers films, Captain America - Civil War, and Thor to teach English at different levels of learning.

The books Captain America - Civil War, and Thor present the stories of the films with teachings of the English language at the pre-intermediate level. The work of the first avenger also has an mp3 that brings the story told in audio, also helping in the dialogue in English.

In Guardians of the Galaxy the level of English is 4, intermediate, aimed at students with a little more familiarity with the language. Similar to Captain America's story, the Guardians' book also features an mp3 with the story told in audio.

The Marvel collection from Editora Pearson is available at Disal Distribuidora website for R$45.00.


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