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Scoobynatural effect | Find out what the crossover episode brought to warner


The long awaited episode crossover of the series Supernatural with Scooby Doo, finally arrived in Brazil and aired last Tuesday (10), in Warner Channel. Perhaps, this episode was the most awaited of the entire season since it was announced by the series' producers. The idea pleased The CW (TV station), which saw an opportunity, in addition to leveraging audience ratings, to profit from the sale of official products from both series.

The idea of crossover, appeared in November 2016, when Andrew Dabb, one of the executive producers of Supernatural, received the idea from a friend who works in the animation sector of Warner. Two months later, the series gained a renewal (the 13th season) and the special episode began to be created. The script was quickly written and in April 2017, the actors Jensen Ackles (Sam), Jared Padalecki (Dean) and Misha Collins (Castiel), dubbed their characters in animated versions. In January 2018, the episode was ready.

During the production of the animated episode, the marketing of Warner worked exhaustively. In an interview with the magazine Variety, a representative from the official product sales sector, reported that he saw in Scoobynatural, an opportunity to allow fans of both series to have new, unpublished and exclusive products. “As soon as we heard about this special episode, we saw the great opportunity to offer new products to fans of Supernatural and Scooby Doo", said.

And what did they decide to sell? T-shirts! Produced hundreds of T-shirts with prints of the brothers Winchester next to the gang Scooby Doo. In the United States, the bet went very well. All the pieces that were put up for sale on the website that sells the products of Supernatural, sold out. Other products started to be commercialized, not only in the United States, but all over the world where the episode was shown.

The episode aired on the American broadcaster on March 29 and was a true event. The cast and Scooby Doo were present at the event to publicize the episode, nine days earlier, in Los Angeles. THE Mystery Machine, the van that transports the class and Baby, the duo's car, were also there so that fans could take pictures.

Around here, in Brazil, on the same March 29, the Warner Channel he decided to take action for some fans of the series, bloggers and the press: in a shopping mall in São Paulo, he decided to close a movie theater and show the animated episode first hand. All left the exclusive session, impressed by the quality, references and creativity of the crossover.

The hashtag Scoobynatural came to stay for hours straight, as the first subject of the trending topics worldwide in Twitter. Brazil did not lag behind. During the official exhibition, ScoobynaturalNaWarner invaded social networks and became the tag most talked about country. Proof that “Scoobynatural effect”Caught on, both in Brazil and in the United States. And, if fashion catches on, other series are quite capable of producing similar episodes.



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