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The new series is part of the new label of the publisher, the DC Black Label.

Yes, that's exactly what you read in the title and it has nothing to do with the actress Margot Robbie, the character's interpreter in the films of A.D. This is the Harley Quinn of comics, the villain of Gotham City. In the new series of Bat Man, published by the new A.D, O DC Black Label where it presents stories with more adult content - and has nothing to do with pornography, let this be very clear -, brings a new look to the history of Batman.

It all started in Batman: White Knight, When Joker and Harley Quinn engaged in a serious relationship entitled to a commitment ring. In the second volume, Batman: Curse of the White Knight, the villain appears pregnant and the one who discovers is herself Batman. “You are pregnant?“Asks the Bat Man, in a tone of astonishment. "World's Greatest Detective", responds Harley Quinn like who meant "eureka!“.

Batman fragment: Curse of the White Knight | Photo / Playback: DC / DC Black Label

Harlequin will have a baby! Joker will be daddy!

The plot of the new series is simple and makes a kind of reinterpretation with an alternative view on Gotham City. An explosion happens in the city and the Batman is after Harley Quinn, who in this world, is a kind of "heroine". And that's when Batman discovers the character's pregnancy.

The father is the Joker. In fact, its nice version named as Jack Napier. In the new comics, the villain's body is divided and two personalities are born, that of the Crime Clown the other, a romantic gentleman who loves his muse. If the baby is a boy or a girl, what happens from there, if in fact Joker it has been recovered by love or if its personality is still divided, the other editions will bring the plot unfolding.

In Sean Gordon Murphy and Matt Hollingsworth, the comics White Knight and Curse of the White Knight are already available for purchase.


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