Sunday, 5th, December, 2021

Company distributes vegetarian food to hungry people in Campo Limpo

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The Organically Warehouse, the “quebrada” organic bag located in Campo Limpo, on the outskirts of São Paulo, and the SVB, Brazilian Vegetarian Society, joined together to participate in the Campaign People is to Shine not to Die of hunger 2021.

The action is one of the initiatives of the Solano Trindade Agency, which works to strengthen the healthy food distribution network, creating access and bridges to reduce and end the food deserts in the suburbs. On World Food Day, this partnership between NGOs and Gastromotiva will distribute 300 tasty and nutritious vegan lunchboxes prepared by volunteers from the projects.  

Come together with us to be part of it all!  

Day: October 16th - Saturday 

Location: Organically Warehouse – Avenida Cantos do Amanhecer, 100 

From 9 am.  


9:00 – Vegan Breakfast with Panc Pastries  

9:30 am – production of lunchboxes 

11:30 – Distribution Community Jd. eledy 

12:30 – Vegan Feijoada Lunch by Tia Nice

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