Saturday, 11, July, 2020

The first edition of Streamers Football couldn't have a better script. If in the field YoDa Team and BrTT Time they featured epic goals and moves - but not so pretty - outside of it, community engagement and donations were an absolute success. In the end, the charity ball ended with victory in the penalties of Team brTT, by 6 to 5, after a 5 to 5 draw in normal time. Great highlight for the goalkeeper Panther, hero who defended a decisive penalty and even took the last penalty before running for the hug.

The event had peak audience of 130,000, with 319,000 unique viewers in the transmission through the YoDa channel on Twitch ( About R$ 20 thousand were collected in donates from Internet users - which came not only from Brazil, but also from the United States, Canada, Ireland, Spain and Germany. The total amount, which will also count on the help of streamers and partners, will be reverted to the social project YoGamers do Bem, gives SehBlonde (learn more below)

“I wanted to thank all the streamers and our community, who embraced Streamers' Football and the social cause. Many made this day special and unforgettable for our scenario. As I always say, Game has transformed my life, and I want to help other people achieve their dreams. I believe that everyone was able to have fun, on the field and through the broadcast. I hope it will be the first of many, ”said YoDa, CEO of SehLoiro and partner of nøline culture, creator and organizer of Football Streamers.

Big names in the community traded the mouse for the boots (and maybe they still regret it). In addition to captains YoDa and brTT, streamers Ookina, Rakin, Dioud, Calango, Pimpimenta, Daniels, Leko, Giga, StereOnline, among others, made epic moves, which will be kept in memory. Thanks to memes, of course!

The healthy rivalry between the teams was visible and the beginning of the game already showed what to expect. BrTT and Ookina, with extreme category, led their teams. The “father” was the top scorer, with four goals, imitated Gabigol in the celebrations and left with the victory. Already Ookina, with Germany style quality in the 7 to 1 against Brazil, scored three beautiful goals for Team YoDa and ended up elected by the chat as the “Craque do Jogo” - he was awarded with an incredible HyperX Gamer Headset.

The entire ball show was “developed” under the eyes and instructions of the coaches Giuliana “Caju” Capitani and Camila “Camilota XP”, which were not only in the guidelines. With a lot of effort, but little precision, the techniques also took penalties in the dispute that determined the champion. And it wasn't just them who switched roles during the game. Axt and Jovirone, narrator and commentator in the initial stage, left the microphone on the lawns in the second half. Then it was YoDa's turn and Xabula take over the broadcast in order to keep the big audience for the night. Mission given, mission accomplished.

It is worth mentioning that the nakedness would not be the same without three great characters: the irreverent reporter Samira Close, O Key Dwarf and VAR chat. With maximum authority, our referee was (ir) responsible for making several controversial moves. He had the help of chat users, our video referees. Were more than 218 thousand interactions during transmission. And, as the voice of the people is the voice of God, fans made several decisions and even voted in polls.

“It was really cool to see the commitment of all the participants, who gave themselves to the maximum in the field for a greater cause. Our partners were also instrumental in the success of the project. We are certainly looking forward to the next edition. With the collections, we can make the necessary improvements for maintenance and room improvements YoGamers do Bem, headquartered at Confins International Airport, in BH, in a partnership with Cultural Foundation Chico Xavier. Many children will benefit from access to knowledge, personal and intellectual development and their transformation through games, ”he said. Adriana Noronha, COO of SehLoiro and partner of nøline culture.


Created by Felipe 'YoDa' Noronha, Brazilian eSports champion athlete and greatest Brazilian Streamer, the YoGamers do Bem (YGB) project, a volunteer project by SehLoiro, involves not only employees, but also family members, customers and partners, the school community and the entire community. the gamer community. YGB, through technological inclusion and knowledge of electronic games, benefits students from 10 years old enrolled in public schools in cities throughout Brazil. YoDa believes that Gamer is the opportunity to educate with fun and develop young people for a better world.

ABOUT nøline culture

In May 2018, nøline culture was founded, a consultancy in the gamer market that operates in strategic planning and content generation for brands and agencies that want to connect with eSports and games. The partners are Rodrigo Rivellino, founder of Live Arena and partner of aktuellmix; Fabio Mergulhão, photographer and ex-VP of aktuellmix creation; Felipe “YoDa” Noronha, businessman, streamer and pro player, elected in the last two years as “Personality of the Year” at the ESports BR Award and Gamer of the Year at Miaw MTV; and Adriana Noronha, COO of SehLoiro, businesswoman and eSports consultant. Nøline incorporates some of the products of the company SehLoiro, such as YoTalkshow and

ABOUT SehLoiro

SehLoiro, Felipe 'YoDa's company, specializes in brands and advises athletes and gamers influencers. It has registered and licensed gamers brands, among them the character YoDinha, a brand currently stamped on school notebooks, mugs and clothing, which receives a digital signature and is the mascot of the volunteer project YoGamers do Bem. Currently all royalties from licensed products are directed to keep the YGB project working.

Among the initiatives already carried out by YGB, are the Christmas campaign for the NGO Cotic that receives only children with cancer in 2015; the campaign for the purchase of Felipe Lima's blade prostheses and the Christmas action of the NGO “Sonhar Acordado”, which operates in several states of Brazil, caring for 3,000 children in 2016. In 2017, the value of donations (donations ) collected during the year in the streams of the YoDa channel, benefited Casa da Vovó Nadir, NGO Perus- SP / Casa Verde unit, which serves more than 970 children.


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