Thursday, 1, October, 2020
Start Series News Among Men | Criminals are running out of time in the teaser ...

Among Men | Criminals are running out of time in the series teaser


Anticipating the debut of Among Men on April 19, at 8 pm, the HBO shows the atmosphere of the miniseries with the first preview of the original production made in Argentina.

Watch the video above.

Composed of four one-hour episodes, Among Men it takes place in the 90s in the Buenos Aires underworld, where there are no differences between saints and sinners. A party that went wrong, a murder that must be covered up and a lost video will lead to a path of revenge, blood and illegality.

The plot has Gabriel Goity, Nicolás Furtado, Diego Velázquez, Diego Cremonesi and Claudio Rissi in the main cast. Based on the eponymous book by German Maggiori, Among Men is run by Pablo Fendrik, with script by Germán Maggiori in collaboration with Fendrik.  


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