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Interview | Carola Parmejano

Actress comes to Brazil in her first national film “Solteira almost surtando”

Since she was little, her dream was to be an actress and she tried to put her dream into practice. He graduated in Performing Arts and Cinema at the renowned Teatro Escola Macunaíma, in São Paulo. With countless art schools and professional experiences in her curriculum, the young woman has already visited Canada, Milan and the USA. Now, he returns to Brazil to release his first Brazilian film, Single Almost Freaking, where she plays Tati, a convinced maiden who loves to enjoy life. In an interview with Thunder Wave, Carola Parmejano talks about his work, his career and much more.

TW: What made you want to be an actress from an early age? Who motivated you? Who were you inspired by?

CP: From the heart? Nobody, never had a motivation because someone else or an artist was doing it, I always wanted to make people laugh, cry, wait a moment ... that's how it was - I set up a “theater” at Christmas with my cousins on the stairs of a building , and we introduce ourselves to the family. Hence this desire, this pleasure .. To see them laugh .. and / or to wait for the “Happy Ending” of the story.

TW: Your family was against your decision to be an actress. Which path did they expect you to take?

CP: Yes, it was. Super against. My parents know that I am very creative, and they wanted me to do Marketing, Advertising, Product sales, Image advertising, nothing more to be an actress and they always ask “When are you going to find a real job”.

TW: Do you believe that this lack of incentive, of believing in your choice, strengthened you in some way? Did you miss it? Even though you didn't have the support expected by the family, was it something you wanted to show them that was worth it?

CP: Look, I'm sure that if they believed a little more in my choice, it wouldn't be so difficult. Hence the saying “Working in a group, you go further than working alone” - It was needed, affection, advice, motivation. "Calm down, this will pass, the next test you will get" than "Didn't I already say that this career is not for you? - Enough now, eh? ”. I always wanted to show myself the power of my choice ... not for them, or for anyone. And today, I want to show the world that the human being YES must believe in their own dreams.

TW: How is it to return to Brazil, acting in your first feature after many works abroad?

CP: WONDERFUL !!!! It was on my list of goals, and I accomplished it. It was beautiful, rewarding, full of life. Brazil has a very marked culture abroad, and we have an incomparable art, I want to continue working in this wonderful country.

TW: How was the construction of your character for the feature film “Solteira Menos Surtando”?

CP: easy. I've been through this moment of frustration like Tati, to find the right man - It's not easy, is it? So .. it was just a few moments to remember. LOL

TW: Which genres catch your attention the most?

CP: Comedy, Science Fiction, Action and Drama. I think they are the most difficult to make and to convince the audience of a good story. Making a person laugh is not easy ... and getting into a viewer's feelings to make him cry with an actor also does not. Action stories, I like the game between the athletics of "fighting" with the actor's performance, and science fiction stories always create or remove my doubts about the world itself.

TW: What can we expect from this feature?

CP: A very beautiful comedy. True, explicit, tells the story of many women out there. Very funny. I know that there are several women who will relate to Bia, the actress Nina Nercessian and Leandro Lima made me laugh too much. And I will tell you that there is also a good majority that will open their eyes after seeing Gabi's life, the actress Letícia Birkheuer knew how to play the role of “Housewife” correctly, hahah you have to watch it.

TW: How was your insertion in acting? What were the challenges that you had to face to become the professional you are today after so many events and situations that you had to overcome?

CP: In the beginning it is very difficult. Because an artist has no references to his real life, when we live, we gather moments, feelings, situations that we can - in a given character, rescue to create him. I think my life has not only served to mature, strengthen me… but I have strong, painful, interesting moments that I use in the construction of my characters. I've done countless schools, studied techniques like Meisner, Grotowski, Method, Stella Adler, MeyerHold, Stanislavsky… And having your own information chest helps not only understand each technique and use it to your advantage, but also your own true emotions. Everything is worth it.

TW: O bullying that you suffered made you have another view of yourself? Did it make you want to be someone else in search of acceptance? Do you feel happy today with your current appearance?

CP: Yes ... there were times when I really thought I was ugly, I really thought I could never be a pretty girl, a normal girl ... they are offensive nicknames, which sometimes convinces you of such a call. Also… I wanted to be thin, go into the “pretty” pattern and that led me to change. Today I am super happy, not only with the beauty from the outside, but also with the health and the choices that I made, I think that no matter how much we stomp our feet saying that beauty comes from within, we have to take care and love ourselves so much for the physique as for the health of the inside. Today I find myself and I am the “Most Beautiful Woman in the World.”

TW: How do you usually prepare for each project?

CP: First understand the director's vision. Talk, see his references, where he was inspired, what made him lead to create that character, because she talks like that, moves like that, thinks like that ... because she dresses like that, because the director likes it that way. (or the writer) Then, study each reference, set up proposed days, one very close to his ideas, and the other to my ideas… introduce both and understand the other actor's technique so that we can work and rehearse together. I use the Method technique a lot, I live the character months, weeks, days, hours before I can act it. For everything to come out very authentic.

TW: Did you ever wonder if it was what you wanted?

CP: No time. And look, I've been a lot of things… Teacher, nanny, shopkeeper, tour agent, tour guide, restaurant hostess, waitress, event manager, translator, secretary, makeup artist, beauty salon assistant… uffff… nothing like acting . For acting I get up without the alarm clock!

TW: Which character did you enjoy playing the most?

CP: There are two. Bruna - No Beyond by Life, A drug addict, homeless person, who dies out of love for her partner. And the “Mother” in the play Picnic. Difficult characters, different from each other and moving.

TW: Do you have any feelings that kept you going?

CP: Power. Feeling of being able to do everything I want, claw, love, trust, I think all of them together.

TW: Do you consider yourself empowered? Overcoming example?

CP: A lot! A great example for me is having the confidence and the certainty of what you want to be or want to do in life - it is already a very empowering aspect. I know many people who live where the wind takes them..Have certainty and wake up every day with a goal, not for everyone. Much less and easy to have.

TW: Which project did you participate in that most affected you?

CP: “Beyond The Life” A short film where I spent 4 months studying the character, 1 week having contacts and approaching people who use drugs in Florida, we shot in 4 days, the budget of the film was less than 500$ dollars, and it was accepted at Cannes 2015.
Being on that Red Carpet was a unique emotion.

TW: Have you ever imagined yourself behind the camera as Patty Jenkins (director of Wonder Woman) or Anna Muylaert (What time does she come back?)

CP: Not only did I imagine it, but I visualize it - Every day. Patty is wonderful, she is Wonder Woman herself, her life story is inspiring. Our Brazilian Wonder Woman Anna did wonderful works that I take for life, "Beast with seven heads", "It's forbidden to smoke" ... she is also in my goals. I really want to work with her.

TW: Regarding art and culture in Brazil, do you expect to contribute with more participation in national productions?

CP: Yes, Brazil has wonderful professionals, beautiful places, a unique culture, and so many novels, series, theater plays ... I really want to do all of this.

TW: From the outside, what is your perception about the moment in which Brazil is?

CP: I don't like to talk about politics, more if we have to go through difficult times in any aspect, that we take it as a life lesson, and learning. That these
moments serve to enter our history, to make us stronger and more united.

TW: In your perception, have women played more prominent roles or are they still serving as a ladder for male characters?

CP: Yes, I feel that in the art world, the role is the same. Neither women nor men are on stairs - We are at the same height. And one is helping the other to rise.

TW: Is there a director or director that you look up to?

CP: Several! One of the most wonderful and the Ava DuVernay, she did a beautiful job with “When they see us” and Ang Lee, with the film “Broke Black Mountain”.

TW: Do you believe that the industry values beauty over woman's talent?

CP: I think the industry is a reflection of the culture that we live in society. For many years the woman was a secondary being. Putting the woman in that place, what was left was to explore her sensuality, her beauty and ONLY that. Fortunately, the weather is changing. Women have earned the right to vote, occupy great positions in companies, undertake and struggle every day to be seen as a thinking being. But the dictatorship of women still has to be perfect, flawless skin, fit body still continues, as a culture does not change overnight. It is up to us women to show that we do not need to be impeccable to be interesting, but it is up to men to give us space to feel interesting even without the artifices of when we are produced.

TW: Is movements that encourage women to be more empowered interesting today? Do you believe you have changed the minds of the big producers?

CP: These movements are precise, necessary, urgent, without them the woman is not exposed. It is difficult to say and comment, it is a very delicate subject. Sometimes the woman is afraid, sorry ... or even ashamed to speak, and with these movements everything changes ... we support each other, we become stronger. It is very interesting and very necessary as well. I do believe, the power of numbers, quantities, makes a difference.

TW: Among a young character, a heroine or a villain, which one would draw you the most attention?

CP: Imagine a villain, who turns into a young girl and becomes a hero - This one really catches my attention! I think I have that power. Another Heroine - Without a doubt.

TW: What do you expect for the future? What projects do you want to participate in?

CP: A future full of work and projects. I can't deny that a 8 pm soap opera, a drama played with Anthony Hopkins, an action movie to save the Marvel Universe, a documentary in Africa, a Gastronomy program around the world, and why not a program to motivate those who have dreams, desires without any conditions to be able to fulfill them!

TW: What would you say to people who just like you always wanted to act and what would you say to their family members if they are against it?

CP: Go ahead. Do not stop. Leave them. Let them do what they want, support, help and above all - LISTEN! Pay attention with your heart, because with or without your help, if the desire barks high enough these people will go ahead and fulfill them.


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