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Interview | Mauricio de Sousa tells about the success of his company


I feel two little hands caressing both sides of my face as I hear: – “he exists, he exists!”

Mauricio de Sousa. Who doesn't know this name?

For 6 decades, Mauricio has been cheering the lives of generations. His characters are known in every part of Brazil and also abroad.

“At the beautiful Nishi Homi municipal school in Toyota City, Japan, I gave a lecture to more than 300 happy and participating students. For so many children surround me with words and gestures of affection. I feel two little hands caressing both sides of my face while I hear: – “he exists, he exists!”. Unforgettable." Photograph: @mauricioaraujosousa

The gang has even done adventures with characters from the Land of the Rising Sun, of another great name, Osamu Tesuka.

Tezuka and Maurício became friends in 1984 through the Japan Foundation.

Currently Turma da Mônica is launched in several countries such as the USA, Russia, Mexico and others.

And this great success yielded his first film with actors, which is already in theaters.

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It just wasn't all that easy. And with great satisfaction, Mauricio de Sousa gave a small exclusive interview to the it's the Thunder Wave, where he told a little bit of this story, personal and the company. Check out!

60 years! MSP has gone through several economic plans and a lot of history in Brazil. Gigantic companies disappeared and smaller ones became big. What were the problems faced and the barriers that the company had to go through for 6 decades and how did it manage to be not only a national success, but also an international one?

Mauricio de Sousa: The biggest problems were precisely the economic plans of each government. Many changes in the economic area generate instability for those who want to produce in Brazil. But even so, we always work with our own resources so as not to depend on financing and, consequently, debts. We work with creativity, and it is also an area that requires contact online with the audience. And this is our secret to not losing readers and fans of the group. Success is the result of a lot of work on new ideas that come up all the time.

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Brazil has big names in the international comics industry, but society still does not welcome people who want to work with art. How do you choose your professionals, what do you suggest for young people who want this profession but cannot follow this dream and how is the comic book market for these professionals in Brazil?

MS:  Brazilian comic artists are already recognized nationally and internationally. Many superheroes are produced by artists from the north to the south of the country. But, as in all professions, artists often experience difficulties until they are established with their styles and graphic messages combined with their characters. As it is not an activity with many success stories, sometimes they do not even have the “cheerleading” of the family. But the tendency is for new and good professionals to emerge towards their dreams. It was more or less like this with me, although with support from the family. When I started creating the first comic strips and the first characters, I had to struggle a lot, manage my time and spend some financial trouble. But I always wanted to do what I do today; create, evolve and distribute my artistic work.

The Studio is open for visiting schools. What benefit can children get from this visit?

MS: We have long wanted to have well-organized visits to the studio. So, we outsource to a company to take care of this service in the best way. Visits with groups of 20 people in the morning and in the afternoon, from Tuesday to Thursday. In these holidays we will have from Monday to Friday, exceptionally. Children leave happy and full of ideas because they know how to produce a comic book from our ideas factory. Parents love it and teachers use that learning in the classroom.



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