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Interview | What are NFTs?

What is this acronym, what is it for, where to use it and what is its value? Find out all this and more in this NFTs chat.

At NFTs has taken over the media in recent times, mainly for its monetary value and entertainment companies and especially the gaming universe, which started to enter this medium. But what are these really NFTs? In a chat with Gab Araujo, gives Take4Games, a subsidiary startup of Take4Content, he talked a little about this acronym that seems complicated, but is very simple!


To begin with, NFT stands for non-fungible token, or in English non-fungible token. In a summary so as not to spoil the interview, and on top of that, it is that way that many have found to take unique articles to the digital medium. There are plenty of examples, but for those who grew up in the 1980s, they'll remember their limited-edition LPs, which might not be worth anything to others, but to those who owned them, they were more than unique.

Same for comic book collectors. It may seem like vague examples, but it's worth remembering that over time, comics that weren't sold by the millions began to have so many "0" numbers, collector's editions, that anyone could have and were stranded in stores. Therefore, “in those days when” they were more difficult to obtain, their price on the market was – and still is – soaring.

Bringing it to the present day, this is what happens with Pokémon card games and even with old Super Mario cartridges, which beat sales records. But these are just superficial examples and NFTs go far beyond that. They are unique items, with monetary and even sentimental values. So, check out the interview and find out what the non-fungible tokens.

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