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Interview | Paula Garcia talks about Elo Company news

Paula Garcia, head of production at Elo Company, talks about the company's upcoming works and partnerships.

The events market, mainly audiovisual, is returning with all its load in person. After having practically stopped, but still maintaining formats such as online, the Rio2C this year was an encouragement to those looking for novelties in one of the most awaited creation and innovation events in Brazil.

With the presence of several producers, such as Elo Company, with whom we spoke, Rio2C proved to be the place for many people to review their contacts, meet some others who were only made at a distance due to the pandemic and mainly to strengthen business.

Check out the chat with Paula Garcia, head of production at Elo Company, who spoke about the company's upcoming work this and next semester, in addition to its partnerships.

1. What is Elo's focus at Rio2C 2022?

Paula Garcia: We came to Rio2C with several people and departments from Elo. As head of production, I came to look for new projects and negotiate others that we already have in house. That's why we are participating in the business roundtables, as players, receiving projects from screenwriters, also holding meetings with streamers, such as Warner, Netflix and Amazon, to sell our designs to these companies.

There are several types of meetings and several focuses within Elo's own production. I am accompanied by Marina Moretti which is the development producer and we are splitting up because there are several meetings. And it's also very cool because there are a lot of people looking to get in touch with us, wanting to have meetings, saying 'I know Elo, I like Elo, I want to meet you', people that we spent the last two years talking only via ZOOM, now they arrive 'let's get to know each other, just so we can see each other in person', so it's very dynamic, the agendas are very full and that's very good!

Elo also came with the Carol Sganzerla, who is the head of sales that does the licensing on behalf of the distributor and Barbara Sturm, who is the head of content that curates the projects that belong to Elo Distribuidora. So Elo has the production and distribution arm.

2. What are Elo's plans in general. What kind of work do you have with women, professionals, female themes?

PG: We don't just work with women, quite the opposite. Elo is predominantly a female company, we have a female CEO and all heads are female, but this is not a prerequisite. We want the company to be diverse, to have different points of view, different ages, races, ethnicities, different everything, because I think this diversity of perspective adds a lot.

We work with creativity, with content, with trends. So the more different and diverse people there are in the company, the better it will be. This is statistics and I'm not the one talking. Elo has grown a lot in recent years and today we develop projects, produce, launch in theaters and on different platforms, and sell in Brazil and sometimes internationally. Within production, which is my department, we are developing several fiction feature projects, with Telecine, Warner and Sony, in addition to an animation series with the cartoon.

About working with women, we have the They seal, which is an amazing consulting project for women directors projects, and that since 2020 we have partnered with cabiria it's the Telecine, for the Elas Cabíria Telecine Seal Award, which this year enters its 3rd edition.

Every year we make the award in a different way. In 2020, we selected the project Beira mar Avenue, gives Maju de Paiva, which won a co-production contract with Elo and Telecine, which also has Viralata as a co-producer and we will shoot in the 2nd semester; in 2021 the freefty, gives Adriana Calabró was selected as a comedy script for a script development award and this year, the event will be in person so we will have a workshop with me, talking about production, the Barbara Sturm, about distribution and the Gabriel Cohen, from Telecine on the player side during the production and distribution of a project. Avenida Beira Mar, was selected to participate in the Produire Au Sud workshop last year, in Nantes, France.

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