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Interview | Do you know what a screenwriter is?

In an interview with screenwriter Marcos Takeda (Basic Unit), he explains more about the profession, job market and other subjects of these fabulous storytellers!

Movies, series, games, comics, whatever, needs someone to write these stories that will delight millions of people around the world. And currently the script has gained new dimensions due to films like Star Wars, Justice League and even series like Star Trek gives Netflix.

Fans complain - often rightly so - that these versions are not from their favorite franchises. But they say even wrongly when they say it's a scoop, that this is an example of how not to write a script, among so many others. But it's forgivable, as they really don't know the profession. But they are also correct other times, as some movies and series are really questionable.

In addition, some directors end up earning even more repercussions for the success of what hit the big screen or streaming, than they really should. For those who don't know, the deserved highlight is the screenwriter. It is he who puts everything you will see, hear and especially feel throughout the journey. Therefore, the Thunder Wave interviewed Mark Takeda, screenwriter and one of those responsible alongside Newton Cannito through the Factory of Cinematic Ideas (FIC´s), about the profession. The two are responsible for the nationally successful series Basic Unit, that have site review.

If you want to know more, Thunder Wave alongside FIC's are publishing everything you need to know about what a screenwriter is, in addition to the course she teaches. Want to know more? Click here and check out Factory website!

what is a screenwriter

A screenwriter is a technician, in the sense that he has the techniques for building a script. He is largely responsible for creating the script that is the technical and artistic guide for an audiovisual production.

The screenwriter will dialogue with the producer, director, with other screenwriters, so he is not only very good at writing, he will also need to know how to express himself well verbally to be able to express his points of view. But always having as great quality, an ability to be creative to always surprise in every scene he writes.

What is your responsibility?

The audiovisual is a powerful tool, it has already been used by several dictatorial regimes as political propaganda, as Nazism did. An audiovisual work manages to take the viewer by the hand and only drop it at the end, making the work a cathartic experience and also building its discourse. There shouldn't be a censorship, but the screenwriter needs to know the message he's getting across.

How is the national market for the professional?

The screenwriter market had a drop now with the pandemic, but it has good prospects with streaming, internet content, video games etc. It's an expanding market. Here in Brazil there is a lack of regulation, union, a union that can fight for royalties for the works that the screenwriter writes.

What types of screenwriters are there?

Scriptwriter is only one, but he can act and even specialize in several areas, cinema, TV, television formats (realities, varieties, talk-show, game-show, humor, etc.), animation, corporate videos, internet videos ( YouTube), video games, among others.

Is there a scripting faculty?

Specializations only. In colleges, it is a subject in the curriculum of higher audiovisual courses (Radio and TV, Cinema).

Is it a regulated profession?

Not yet, therefore, the union of professionals is important to fight for these rights.

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