Uniting creativity and technology with a unique teaching method to develop market professionals through innovation and gamification. This is the mission of ZION School, which transforms students who are passionate about fun into more developed and qualified professionals to face the challenges of the job market in Brazil and in the world. 

Offering training in the area of Graphic Design, Game Design, TV and Cinema and 3D artist, learning at ZION goes beyond the classroom. The student is evaluated individually and through the quiz, for example, the practices that must be developed and improved are analyzed, in a process of gradual evolution. “Besides, we have a hybrid education system, which encompasses face-to-face and digital interactions, expanding knowledge”, he points out Leandro Moreira, CEO of the ZION School.

Currently with more than 400 employees and 10 units, eight in Rio de Janeiro and two in Minas Gerais, the institution is distinguished by its physical structure: high-performance computers, technological laboratories, digital sound system and an arena of exquisite games, with models from the most current to the retro ones.

There are more than 11,000 square meters with the latest in the market, in spacious and air-conditioned environments, for students to study and learn using gamification. All these differentials make ZION an ideal place for those who are passionate about games and entertainment and want to differentiate themselves and learn, in order to reach the market, in the future, better prepared and grow by doing what they like most. 

The school teaches through gamification, which uses the whole concept of a game, such as its design and strategies, in several areas not normally related to games. Its objective is to stimulate productivity through the goals achieved and the rewards offered. In education, the process is a new aspect: by taking part in a game, the student feels more motivated, facilitating learning. “Gamification is a powerful ally in the teaching-learning process, as it not only transmits knowledge by entertaining, but also encourages people to conquer the challenge presented,” says Moreira.

Like the big companies in Silicon Valley, ZION has pioneered the creation of a hub of academic research and innovation for entertainment. Located in Rio de Janeiro, the Academic Innovation Center (CIA) has a team of renowned professionals, with over 15 years of experience in the field of education and pedagogy, striving for excellence in learning and knowledge. “With this, the student has at his disposal all the news in the technology sector, development techniques, as well as access to several specific events and partnerships with national and international companies”, he says.

“We want to turn our students' passion into a profession. Our proposal is that they have at their disposal an education and state-of-the-art equipment, which allow them to deepen, learn, develop and grow, relying on the best that exists in our market. We are preparing promising professionals for the future and the physical structure of all our units, together with our methodology, is capable of transmitting innovation and technology to awaken in everyone a desire to dive more and more into the entertainment world and thus train students with excellence for the creative industry”, he says.

The investments of each unit follow the trend of an increasingly promising sector. Today, more than 70% of Brazilians use some game for fun, and in the digital sphere there are more than 35 million people playing in Brazil. According to a survey by ReportLinker, the gamification market is expected to move around US$40 billion by 2024 worldwide. 

Upon entering one of the units, the future student is surprised by the first world physical structure, with game arenas with the most modern consoles and even a studio with chroma-key for photographs and videos. However, it is the following steps that also make the journey more fun, interesting and exclusive. He is subjected to a skill test ("quiz"), which will direct him to his "clan" (name used for the specific classroom) and then choose his own "avatar" (his representation in the game) .

“This is a different teaching method from what we are used to seeing in traditional schools. Here they learn by playing. With each task performed, the student reaches a stage of the game and this is how their learning happens. At each stage, he reaches a specific score and at the end a ranking is generated”, explains Moreira. 

The school portal has more than 750 extra teaching hours for students to practice at home. “We want everyone to feel complete in our schools. And as we know that studying is never too much, even after completing the course, students have access to our portal, always with updated content. If the student still does not feel fit, he can take the course again, free of charge. It's ZION's guarantee of learning,” he says, adding that parents can track their children's progress online. The institution is an authorized center of Adobe, one of the most renowned software development companies in the world.

Among the training offered by the ZION School, the most sought after is Design Master. In three years of study, divided into the modules of Graphic Design, TV and Cinema and 3D Artist, the student learns various processes of the profession, such as: creating a visual identity, editing images and videos and even 3D modeling of scenarios and characters. “It is a training that can open doors in several market areas. We are helping, through an innovative and dynamic method, to meet the demand for technology professionals, who are in need in Brazil”, comments the CEO. According to the Brazilian Association of Information Technology and Communication Companies (Brasscom), Brazil will need 420,000 Information Technology (IT) professionals by the year 2024.

In addition, ZION promotes networking with its students with professionals who are a reference in the national entertainment market. In this environment, the ZTALENT event stands out, in which students expose their work to potential employers, which has already resulted in important hirings in relevant companies. Another initiative that deserves to be highlighted is the CREATIVE WEEK, with lectures, workshops and meetings with big names in the industry, always approaching recent themes such as games, TV, 3D, branding and visual communication.

Among the ZION School's future plans, expansion to the entire national territory is planned. The goal, according to the CEO, is to expand the company's area of operation in order to provide students with an opportunity to learn in a fun and effective way, thus helping to form the new generation of professionals that the future of the entertainment market needs. “We are going to expand our units and we want to explore new locations with quality, dynamic, playful teaching that will deliver incredible talents to the technology sector that will revolutionize the market in Brazil”, concludes the CEO.


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