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Special CCXP2018 | Columbus talked about Harry Potter, Gremlins and The Goonies at CCXP


During his first day at the CCXP 2018, the director Chris Columbus talked to fans on the panel RT Features. He was responsible for directing the first two films in the franchise Harry Potter, The philosopher's Stone and The Chamber of Secrets and at the time, the filmmaker spoke about the fear of adapting Harry Potter for cinema, because his biggest fear was disappointing J.K. Rowling and fans of the saga.

"When I initially got the job to drive Harry Potter, there was one last thing I needed to do, which was to travel to Scotland and get to know J.K. Rowling", started Columbus. “I was scared and nervous because I thought I could screw it up when I met her, if I couldn't impress her“.

Chris revealed that upon meeting Rowling, her first impressions of the writer at the time, were the best and after hours of talking about the film, the British gave her the go-ahead to direct the feature. "We met in Scotland and she was incredibly sweet, friendly and in a great mood. I spent two hours talking about my vision for the film and at the end, she said she imagined the film the same way I did“revealed Columbus.

Upon winning the position of director of the film, Chris he knew that a lot would change in his career and that he could not disappoint nor Rowling and not even the fans. "From then on, I knew that I would be protected because I was obviously very nervous and scared. The eyes of the world were on me and I knew that if I screwed up Harry Potter, I would have to isolate myself from the world and hide in Russia“, he joked.

Still on the panel, Columbus revealed about the future of The Goonies and according to him, there is no good story for the boys and the original actors, who are already too old to return and that there is no interest in bringing together a new group of actors for a new feature. The filmmaker also revealed that a new production of Gremlins, is in progress and guaranteed that the little creatures, will not be made in CGI.

The CCXP 2018 happens until next Sunday (09) and a lot of amazing things will happen. In order not to miss anything, stay tuned on our social networks.



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