60 year MSP Special | Visit to Maurício de Sousa's Studio


60 years is for few. Keeping a company for 6 decades in a country with so many ups and downs (more downs than ups) is not an easy task.

Renowned companies with their names on the tip of consumers' tongues, which even became synonymous, are gone. Mappin, Mesbla, Editora Ebal and more recently the fall of Editora Abril, which was home to so many comics and comics, including Monica's Gang.

But this was a subject addressed in our interview with Maurício, which you can check by clicking below.

Mauricio talks about the success of his company
And are we going to visit the Studio?

I warn you that there is not here spoiler! There are some interesting points on the tour that will not be published so as not to spoil your expectation, the same reason why we don't put some photos. But if you want, pay a visit to our Instagram, which there is!

Our tour took place through the Luisa Marques, press officer for #formatoknow.

We went by van together with other journalists and some children, already with all the spirit being prepared by the video that showed some adventures of the gang. And speaking of the gang, of course we were called in this affectionate way by Luisa and soon after by the team that received us at the Studio.

And speaking of Studio, it's on Rua do Limoeiro! Seriously, when you enter the place, pay attention.

The Mauricio de Sousa Produções Studio is truly a dream. The place has all the atmosphere of Turma da Mônica, in addition to the atmosphere that is totally calm and with joy of the people who work there. Education, something rare these days in many guided tours, is completely different. It's even strange to have to report this type of attitude, but that's what happens on this visit.
People are not just friendly, they are there with their body present, with a smile and really enjoy what they are doing.

The bathroom – seriously, visit the bathroom – is clean and reminds me of the Turma comics.

And taking the first steps...

Here is the legacy of Mauricio

Yea! At first glance, for the uninitiated, it may even seem like a mini exhibition that you have already seen somewhere about Mauricio's life, but when watching a short introductory video of the entire MSP's history and then the narration of one of the guides, you already realize that there is something different about this tour.

Having a headset to listen to the guide, in our case it was from Horácio's group and the guide had a great attitude, it's a great idea, because it doesn't disturb the work environment and much less you get lost at some point in history or what is explained from place.

In the sequence, it is obvious that we have already followed where everything happens. It's a real madness what is seen there. Tables fully decorated with the style of each person who works, sectors defined by work areas, as if they were streets.

The visit is so well done, it seems that we are on a television watching it all, since at no time do we interfere with the work of these professionals.

And don't think that it's just seeing drawings or the execution of a comic book, game or video that is made. The guided tour is a real lesson from the principles of the art to the final part, going through the script, fascinating curiosities and even mistakes that have become rules.

And of course we know the Fool. Get ready for this one!

And was it worth it?

No doubt! The grand finale, which will not be placed, is to drive any fan crazy. In addition to getting to know Mauricio's entire legacy, you can also play in the mini playground or make a purchase of licensed products.

And unfortunately, your tour, a little over two hours, ends. It ends with the certainty that Mauricio de Sousa is a distinguished artist and human being who was and still is ahead of his time. And with a family, whether blood or not, who make their work and our dreams come true.

A visit to the Studio is not like Disney, where everything is prepared in the smallest detail to delight you. Not that it's bad. But there at the Studio, you're behind the scenes and emotion doesn't follow a marketing recipe. She is what you are seeing, through the advisors, guides and all those who are working there, be it someone from the art, passing through Mauro – yes, we know Nimbus -, Marina and finally… go soon and book your tour!



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