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Criticism | The Red Spy

The post-World War II era was more impactful than the War itself. Unlike the war itself, the arrival of the Cold War had no faces or even "allies". Any nation could suddenly become an enemy. And your neighbor, or even the love of your life, is a spy.

These were difficult times that even today, after its end with the fall of the great curtain of Soviet Communism, it is still difficult to make an analysis.

It is in this historical context that the film The Red Spy, based on the book that tells the real story of Joan Smith, who in 2010 was arrested on charges of being a British spy in favor of the Soviets, happens.

Judi Dench with few scenes during the feature, it shows everything that was that time, with strong speeches showing how easy it is to judge yesterday's attitudes with the knowledge we have today.

The story takes place showing the backstage of ideological thoughts, the side of the scientists who were creating the bomb. How they thought that having such powerful weaponry could make a country bow. She continues with comings and goings of the character's gift that when asked about a certain subject, she returns in thoughts and we see what really happened and why she did it.

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The actors' interpretation is very good and the film under no circumstances dictates right or wrong. As a true dramatic documentary, The Red Spy he dares not say that the British and American side was the right one. He does not use the dirty game of spy films turning Russians, Japanese and Germans into cartoon characters and monsters.

It just shows that whoever has more power, even for self-defense, can become more dangerous than those who call them enemies.

The Red Spy it's an excellent film, with a coherent script, that makes you think that everything we have today, whether good or bad, is by people who somehow did something not for the sake of a nation, but for a planet. And that scientists that we admire so much from the past, at some point were Doctors Frankstein.

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The film is a history and ethics class, showing that judging people for what they have done in the past is very easy when we have all the conclusion and answers in our hands.


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