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State of emergency closes movie theaters in São Paulo

Due to the increase in the number of cases of coronavirus and, the first confirmed death in Brazil, the mayor of São Paulo, Bruno Covas, decreed a state of emergency in the city. The decree was published on Tuesday (17). So far, there are 152 cases of the disease in the city. 

"An emergency situation is decreed in the Municipality of São Paulo, to face the pandemic resulting from the coronavirus, of international importance".

The Feneec (National Federation of Cinematographic Exhibition Companies) and the Union of Cinematographic Companies of the State of São Paulo issued a note requesting that the Governor of São Paulo, João Doria, formalize the request for the closing of movie theaters in the form of a law, due to the pandemic of COVID-19

Closing on your own initiative requires a negotiation period with management companies for each shopping mall, a process that can take time. Feneec also informs that similar letters are being released in the other states that have not yet determined the closing of the cinemas. 

Check out the full statement:

“Feneec (National Federation of Cinematographic Exhibiting Companies) and the Union of Cinematographic Companies of the State of São Paulo are going public to ask the Governor of São Paulo, João Doria, to assume the role of closing movie theaters across the state, in the form of the law. The exhibiting companies understand that the serious situation posed by the Covid-19 pandemic is urgent and demands a quick response that only the State is qualified to take. Unfortunately, closing the theaters on the initiative of the companies would require negotiations with each of the management companies of each mall where there is a cinema, which would be painful and slow. The malls belong to different economic groups, with the participation of investors, pension funds, foundations and others, which would require several negotiating bodies, resulting in a deadline for solving problems that public health does not have. The well-being of film viewers and employees of film companies is now our priority. "

The first chain to close its theaters in SP was Espaço Itaú de Cinemas. Present in six states, the three city complexes (Augusta, Frei Caneca and Pompéia) will be closed indefinitely and in the units in Rio de Janeiro and Brasília the shutdown will be for 15 days. By the end of the week, the chain had already limited the capacity of its rooms to 60%.

O Cinemark announced on Monday (16), its Voluntary Dismissal Plan (POS) or Paid Qualification Program. Cinesala and Petra Belas Artes will also suspend their activities. The net Cinépolis closed its offices in Rio de Janeiro and Campo Grande (MS).  

The Kinoplex anticipated the collective vacation of all its employees. The Cine Drive-In chain, in the Federal District, said it will continue its activities because of its exhibitions taking place in open spaces. 

According to the government, the cultural sector of SP is equivalent to 3.9% of the state's GDP. The Secretariat estimates that the crisis may generate a total of R$34.5 billion in losses for the sector.


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