Tuesday, 9, August, 2022

etermax expands the Games area with virtual reality

Company expands its gaming area with Blockchain, virtual reality and new formats of social and interactive entertainment.

The ethermax, international technology company, creator of global successes such as Asked and Aworded, expands its area of games with the creation of three new development fronts: Web 3.0, virtual reality and new formats of social and interactive entertainment. Thus, in addition to its well-known mobile titles, ethermax will continue to expand its investments in electronic games, including the forecast of having the first releases of this new phase in the second half of 2022.

At the beginning of the year, the founder of ethermax, Maximo Cavazzani, revealed the company's pillars and structure for 2022. Focused on Blockchain, Metaverse, Gamification and AdTech, and driving new mobile game projects and digital experiences, the ethermax aims to continue promoting new ways of using technology to expand the connection between people, organizations and user communities.

From its game development unit, ethermax created three fronts in which it will invest for the next few years. In Blockchain Gaming, with technology as a great tool, its team of experts is committed to producing exciting and lasting games in which any user can create NFTs for fun and to own their rewards. In VR Gaming, the company embarks on the universe of virtual reality to generate immersive games. Finally, in Interactive Entertainment, will delve deeper into the social component, which has always been featured in the company's productions, now with more opportunities for users to feel encouraged to create and share their content.

In addition ethermax will continue to expand and strengthen the development of mobile games, an area in which it is already well established with more than 800 million downloads made by users in 180 countries, in 34 languages. Until the end of the year, new proposals in this segment will be available for players to enjoy, connect with other people and continue promoting knowledge in a playful and fun way. 

“When we created Apalavrados, more than 10 years ago, we were convinced that technology and games would have great potential – currently indisputable – to generate positive impacts on society and the development of human creativity. Now, we have the opportunity to give new directions to these advances, follow technological trends, question ourselves even more and, thus, find different solutions to the challenges we face. That's why, based on our trajectory of more than 12 years developing games, we decided to increase the investment and take our talent both to mobile projects and to others that involve new technologies within our reach, enhanced by entertainment. It is an approach in which curiosity will be the protagonist to inspire new worlds. If this generates new questions, we are on the right path”, said Cavazzani.

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