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Euphoria | Remember the events of the 1st season of the series

The premiere of season 2 of Euphoria is coming and so that no one gets lost in the events, here is a summary of the main events of the 1st season to remember.

Next Sunday (9/1) premieres the second season of the Emmy® winning drama series on HBO and on HBO Max. Amidst the intertwined lives of the East Highland city, Rue (Zendaya) must find hope as he grapples with the pressures of love, loss and addiction. 

But, before diving back into the new episodes of the series, check out the most important characters and events from the first season below and everything you need to remember before the premiere:  

RUE (Zendaya)

The first few episodes show Rue returning home and school after a season of rehab. She immediately relapses and goes back to buying drugs from her dealer, Fezco. At a party, she meets the new girl in town, Jules. Rue and Jules establish an instant connection that crosses the line between friendship and romance. At Jules's request, Rue even stays clean for a while. 

Rue began using drugs when he tried oxycodone, the medication his father was taking while he was dying of cancer. In addition to fighting the use of harmful substances, Rue also suffers from severe depression. During an attack, she contracted a kidney infection when she couldn't even get out of bed to go to the bathroom.

At the end of the first season, Rue suggests to Jules that they leave town and run away together. Though Jules heads to the train station, Rue is unable to pursue his own impulsive idea. In the final sequence, Rue goes back on drugs and experiences a vivid hallucination.

JULES (Hunter Schafer)

One of the first things Jules does when she arrives in town is hook up with an older man before going to a party where she is harassed by Nate, a local athlete and student. She brings a quick end to the boy's harassment by cutting his arm with a knife, intimidating everyone present except Rue. 

Soon after, Jules begins an online flirt with a boy named Tyler and agrees to meet him in person. While waiting for him, Jules realizes that the man she's hooked up with is Cal, Nate's father. Furthermore, she discovers that "Tyler" is Nate himself, who is now using the intimate photos Jules sent him to bribe her. 

In the last few episodes, Jules goes to visit a friend from his hometown, where he meets Anna. While the two have a relationship, Jules hallucinates Nate and Rue. When she returns home, Jules admits to Rue that he might be in love with her and Anna. When Rue asks Jules to run away with her, Jules agrees. Although her friend doesn't show up, she boards the train and leaves town anyway.

NATE (Jacob Elordi)

When Nate was 11 years old, he discovered videos that his father Cal kept in his office, showing himself having sex with underage gay and trans women. This situation ended up triggering a complicated relationship with her father and serious psychological problems. 

After seeing his girlfriend Maddy fuck a boy named Tyler in a pool to make him jealous, Nate breaks into Tyler's apartment and beats him up, accusing him of sexually assaulting her. 

When Rue confronts Nate about his blackmail of Jules and the truth about his father, Nate quickly intimidates her and makes her feel insecure about her relationship with Jules, which results in Rue giving up on running.

MADDY (Alexa Demie)

Maddy has a toxic relationship with Nate. She is confused when she finds intimate photos on her cell phone (which he was using to trick Jules). When she confronts him about it, he smothers her violently. When Maddy's mother discovers the bruises on her neck, the girl tries to protect her boyfriend, but her mother reports it to the police. 

To get rid of the charge, Nate breaks into Tyler's house and threatens him to confess that he strangled Maddy. He also uses his influence over Jules to force her to testify on his behalf in this story.

When Nate fails to have a sexual relationship with Maddy, she questions his sexuality and he once again becomes violent. Searching for answers, Maddy finds the video of Cal and Jules in Nate's bedroom while he's taking a shower. 

CASSIE (Sydney Sweeney)

When Rue's childhood friend Lexi and older sister Cassie were young, their father was in a terrible car accident, and his recovery led him to use drugs. After her parents split up, Cassie witnessed her father breaking into her home to steal objects and buy more drugs. 

That early experience has led her into a series of unhealthy relationships, including her current romance with college freshman McKay, who often embarrasses her and refuses to publicly acknowledge her as his girlfriend.

When she discovers she is pregnant, McKay immediately suggests that she have an abortion. In the end, Cassie goes to a clinic with her mother and terminates the pregnancy.

KAT (Barbie Ferreira)

After a video of Kat losing her virginity at a party leaked and went viral, Kat is inspired to take control of her sexuality and begins streaming videos of her in exchange for money and expensive gifts. 

Meanwhile, she initiates a relationship attempt with a student named Ethan. Although he continues to have sex with other boys, she becomes jealous when she sees him talking to another girl. 

Eventually, an interaction with a customer makes her uncomfortable enough to stop filming. In later episodes, she apologizes for her behavior with Ethan at the winter dance, and they reconcile.

After the first season, Euphoria  even won two special episodes. Euphoria: Trouble Don't Last Always shows Rue and Ali, his rehabilitation godfather, in a long conversation about the fight against drugs, how it is to face this problem and what are the consequences that addiction brings. Already Euphoria: F*ck Anyone Who's Not A Sea Blob it shows all of Jules' vulnerability and presents other issues that have never been seen before in her life, such as her difficult and practically non-existent relationship with her mother.

Season two's cast includes Emmy® winner Zendaya Hunter Schafer, Nika King, Eric Dane, Angus Cloud, Jacob Elordi, Algee Smith, Sydney Sweeney, Alexa Demie, Barbie Ferreira, Maude Apatow, Javon Walton, Dominic Fike, Storm Reid and Austin Abrams. 

Euphoria  was created and written by Sam Levinson, who is also executive producer alongside Ravi Nandan, Kevin Turen, Will Greenfield, Drake, Adel “Future” Nur, Zendaya, Hadas Mozes Lichtenstein, Ron Leshem and Daphna Levin. Kenneth Yu is a producer and Ashley Levinson, Harrison Kreiss and Julio Perez are co-producers. Produced in association with A24, Euphoria  is based on the homonymous Israeli series, created by Ron Leshem and Daphna Levin of HOT. 

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