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Start Games News Event brings together lovers of board games in Vila Madalena

Event brings together lovers of board games in Vila Madalena

West Zone Board Game Sao Paulo (BGZO / SP) happens on Saturday, February 8, during the afternoon. The event was born from the meeting of a group of friends, lovers of modern board games. They realized the lack of specific events for this type of game in the region where they lived and decided to organize themselves. This will be the third edition of BGZO / SP and the expectation is that the event attracts not only aficionados, but also curious people who come to know this type of game.

There are several board game publishers in Brazil, which license games released in other countries in addition to launching national 100% products. There are hundreds of titles available for sale in specialized stores, bookstores and e-commerce. O BGZO / SP opens the opportunity for Brazilian designers to make 'play tests' of their games still in development: an experience that is very rich for the audience. Releases of market should also be presented at the event.

The meetings of Board Games happen in several countries around the world and are starting to gain volume here. “Our idea is to promote this hobby and present modern board games to those who don't know them yet”, comments Renato Braga, one of the event organizers. Thinking about this new audience, the organizers ensure the presence of monitors at the tables to teach the rules and give game tips.

At the various tables of the event, the public mixes playing matches with new opponents. There are games suitable for all ages, with very different styles, from those that are lucky, to those of strategy and those that require a lot of observation and creativity. The always commented on the need to disconnect a little is answered in the BGZO / SP, where everyone has fun offline.

The Pizza Shop, the venue chosen for the event, has been known for more than 30 years by visitors to Vila Madalena. During the afternoon of the event, your tables will be set up differently, to provide the best gaming experience and your menu will be special for the occasion.


Board Games West Zone São Paulo

Location: Oficina da Pizza

Purpurina Street 517 - Vila Madalena

Day 08.02, from 12h to 19h.

Free admission subject to capacity.

Information: [email protected]


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