The Starzplay announced the production of Express, his first Spanish original series. The announcement was made at a press conference, where the executive producers were present Ivan Escobar, Antonio Sánchez Olivas; the executives Laura Fernández Espeso (CEO The Mediapro Studio), Peter Tortorici (STARZPLAY EUROPA and executive producer), Mario Almeida (Pantaya Content Head) Alongside Cast Members: Maggie Civantos, Kiti Mánver, Vincent Romero, Esteban Meloni, Alba Flats, Ana Marzoa and Bernardo Flores.

Express is the company's first original series produced and filmed in Spain, produced by The Mediapro Studio. It is an action thriller written by Escobar (Vis a Vis), Olivas (Aida) and Martin Suarez (Rabia), and created by Iván Escobar, also showrunner of the series. The direction is in charge of Gabe Ibáñez (Automator) and  Inaki Peñafiel (Lost).

The series brings the story of the criminal psychologist Barbarian (maggie civantos) and his family, after being the victim of a lightning kidnapping: a terrifying form of extortion that spreads around the world and, in most cases, ends in a violent murder.

Production is a reflection of the society we live in, where life runs at full speed and immediacy is the axis of our lives. A world where everything moves so fast that there is no place to react to extreme situations. Aware that fear is the biggest business in the world, many use it as a quick way to make a profit. After the kidnapping, Barbara acts as a negotiator in cases similar to hers and her main objective is to understand why she was a victim and discover the people who invaded her life and that of her family.


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