So much the Sims how much Stardew Valley has the same style of players as the titles give them the life simulation experience. So it's common to find some bold creations in Stardew Valley and even in EA's title.

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Recently, the Sims 4 brought a new expansion, country life, where new residents will find resources, such as canning, picnics, agriculture, taking care of chickens, various tasks to be performed, in other words, there is a lot to do!

Thanks to this new feature and the variety of new materials, decorations and especially constructions, a Stardew Valley fan was able to create his home inside The Sims 4: Country Life!

The feat was posted on Reddit by the user Mici_yeet who showed all the details of its construction, including a well and other decorations, as shown below or clicking here:

Fã de Stardew Valley recria sua fazenda em The Sims 4 1

Of course it opens up for some interpretations, since Stardew is a polygonal game, but who cares? What matters is what he did and there is his work!

Stardew Valley is now available for cell phones, PC, PS4, Switch and Xbox one. The Sims 4 is now available for PC, PS4 and Xbox one.


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