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Review: Bagulho Family

A politically incorrect family

Few titles end up making more sense in translation than in the original, Bagulho Family is one of those cases, where the pun on the name does indicate much more about the plot than the original, We're The Millers.

Bringing the duo back Jason Sudeikis and Jennifer Aniston, the feature makes up for the previous fiascos in which they worked together (Bounty Hunter and How to Kill My Boss) and delivers a fun and coherent comedy, even if it’s not politically correct.

The plot features David Clarke (Sudeikis), a well-rounded drug dealer who, after being robbed, is obliged by his boss, Brad Gurdlinger (Ed Helms) to seek a large shipment of marijuana in Mexico. To cross the border without drawing attention, David decides to forge a family trip and convinces (with the help of money, of course) Striper Rose O'Reilly (Aniston), the super innocent Kenny Rossmore (Will Poulter) and the delinquent Casey Mathis (Emma Roberts) pretending to be your family, the Millers. With the profile of these characters, you can already predict a lot of confusion.

The highlight of this film is the cast, in addition to the protagonists already mentioned, who demonstrate a great harmony, the whole team delivers its function very well. Practically all the comic load is due to the changes of the characters when pretending to be the perfect family, since a lot of the supposedly funny situations weigh for the exaggeration, and without the perfect face of idiot Poulter and the false youthful innocence of Roberts, the production it wouldn't be so funny.

We're The Millers (22)
Jennifer Aniston lives as a stripper in Uma Família do Bagulho! Image: Disclosure

Bagulho Family it has an interesting social criticism, as incredible as the script seems, it finds a space to deal with somewhat controversial subjects, such as the obligation of appearances and the terrible routine that we are forced to live. To reinforce this contrast, during the trip the “Millers” meet the Fitzgerald, that it is exactly this type of everyday family that the characters criticize so much in the feature.

Família do Bagulho
Fitzgerald Family of Família do Bagulho | Image: Disclosure

Interestingly, the film is not suitable for the whole family. Without fear of using more obscene scenes, profanity and, of course, drug-related language, comedy takes a risk by using crude humor, limiting its audience considerably. It is ironic, because even though it is a production prohibited for minors, it is full of young references, among songs pops 90s and viral videos on youtube.

Bagulho Family it is a work that is worth watching, especially considering that there are moments without much shame. Fun and full of interesting references, it is a good comedy and it pays to leave the children at home and enjoy.

An interesting curiosity behind the scenes: the actors made a joke with Jennifer Aniston and put the song I'll Be There for You, series theme Friends, to play at a time when another song should play on the radio. That moment was released in the final credits and in some videos.

See the technical sheet and complete list of Família do Bagulho


Thunder Wave note
Família do Bagulho is a fun comedy, but it is not suitable for young people.



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