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Start Series News Fauda | Season 3 of the Netflix series gets debut date

Fauda | Season 3 of the Netflix series gets debut date

The Netflix set a premiere date for the third season of the Israeli thriller series Fauda. The new year of production will premiere on April 16 in all territories where Netflix is available, excluding France and French-speaking territories, where it arrives on June 4 and Israel, scheduled for June 25.

The 12-episode series is presented bilingual in Hebrew and Arabic with subtitles.

Created by Lior Raz, which also stars, and Avi Issacharoff, Fauda tells the story of a secret unit in the Israeli Defense Forces, focusing on the main Israeli agent, Doron Kavillio (Raz). In the third season, Kabilio is deeply disguised in the West Bank, posing as an Israeli Arab boxing instructor at a sports club owned by a low-ranking member of Hamas. After numerous deadly clashes with Hamas and a tragic incident that almost destroys the team's morale, Doron and the team find themselves in unknown territory: Gaza.

The cast also includes Dakka Ward, Khalifa Natour, Itzik Cohen, Marina Maximilian, Jacob Zada Daniel, Idan Amedi, Doron Ben David, Boaz Konforty, Rona-Lee Shimon, Reef Neeman and George Iskandar.


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