TV show life is not easy. At the best moment of the season, she enters gap and we have to wait months to know the outcome of what was presented in the episode.

The second season of Fear The Walking Dead did this with the audience, in episode 7 (aired on May 22), the series hinted that the season will take a whole new turn, which fans will only be able to see on August 21, the day the second season returns. with episode 8.

At the invitation of AMC, we've already seen episode 8 and we're going to tell the most anxious about the focus of this episode, without giving big spoilers.

But first, let's talk about the experience of seeing the series in the cinema. THE AMC aired the episode in a VIP room at Cinépolis, the one with armchairs and tables, and that was already a big difference in comfort. However, I didn't expect seeing a show on the big screen to be so different. By having a zombie theme, the experience became more intense and really more interesting.

Now, let's talk about the return.

*** Warning: May contain spoilers for those who haven't seen the first half of the second season. If you prefer, see more about Fear The Walking Dead in our Spoiler-free First Impressions by clicking on here. ***

In the last episode, we saw the Clark and Manawa, Salazar and Strand families split up. The season's comeback starts entirely focused on Nick (Frank Dillane) who believes in a harmony between the undead and humans and is now looking for his way. During the search some flashbacks show more about him before the apocalypse, of which they explain more about his past, family and a theory that many fans formed there in the series pilot about the origin of zombies. Some new characters are also introduced.

Having an entire episode with just one main cast character shows where the season is headed. as in The Walking Dead, everything indicates that the focus of this second half will be on each character, individually, so that in the end (I hope) everyone will meet again.

The second half of the second season premieres next Sunday (21), at 10 pm, on AMC.



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