Sunday, 14, August, 2022

Mother's Child | Prime Video announces Original film with the latest unpublished work by comedian and actor Paulo Gustavo

Prime Video announced the production of Motherfucker, Original Amazon documentary featuring the last work of the Brazilian actor and comedian Paulo Gustavo, who passed away in 2021. From the launch of his most successful show My mother is a piece, in 2006, to the actor's last moments, the documentary will show the influence that his mother Dea Lucia had on his artistic and personal life, and also brings unreleased material from his rise to fame.

The film will accompany mother and son in intimate and inspiring moments, and will also show Paulo Gustavo husband and father alongside Thales Bretas and at various stages of their lives, in addition to bringing interviews with friends and family who knew and lived with the actor.

“It is an immense honor to be able to tell the story of the unforgettable and unparalleled Paulo Gustavo. It was a real privilege to finish a personal project created by him and his mother and count on the support and guidance of his family throughout the process”, he says. Malu Miranda, head of Brazilian Original Content at Amazon Studios. “The film will be a very emotional journey, but also very funny, as well as the life and work of Paulo Gustavo, something that all Brazilians and fans around the world will be delighted to watch.”

Motherfucker will bring the most important premise of all of Paulo Gustavo's work — to make people laugh and also to move, while entertaining and creating social awareness, always remembering that “laughing is an act of resistance”, as he used to say. The documentary is produced by The factorywith executive production of Luiz NoronhaCecília GrossoSamanta Moraes and Alberto EliasSusana Garcia directs production, with co-direction of Ju Amaral, the actor's sister.

The documentary will join thousands of TV shows and movies in the Prime Video catalog, including Brazilian Original Amazon productions such as SunSeptember Mornings5X ComedydisjoinedLoose in FloripaLOL: Laugh, Gone!All or Nothing: Brazilian National Team, lov3 and Verdict; award-winning Amazon Original productions, such as The sound of silenceA Prince in New York 2No Remorse by Tom ClancyThe Boysmodern loveThe War of Tomorrow and Wonderful Mrs Maisel; and Amazon Exclusive movies such as The Girl Who Killed Her Parents/The Boy Who Killed My ParentsDetective Madeinusa and Pienha Against the Animal, all available on Prime Video at no extra cost to Prime members.

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