Sunday, 24, January, 2021
Start Technology News Ford launches & #039; Cap Alert & #039 ;, safety feature for truckers

Ford launches 'Boné Alerta', safety feature for truck drivers

The Ford Trucks has developed an innovative technology to help truck drivers to ride more safely and avoid a common situation in their travel routine: tiredness at the wheel. This is the Alert Cap, which at first glance looks like an ordinary cap, but comes equipped with sensors capable of interpreting the driver's head movements and warns when detecting that he is drowsy - or, as the popular saying goes, “fishing” in the direction.

The alert is generated by the generation of three types of signals: vibrating, visual and audible, guiding the driver to make a rest stop before continuing on the journey. The first step in creating the accessory was to conduct a study to identify the trucker's movements related to his normal work routine and those that indicate sleep. This database was later transferred to the central cap processing unit, which works connected to an accelerometer and a gyroscope to identify each type of situation.

O Alert Cap Ford was tested for eight months by a selected group of drivers for more than 5,000 km in real driving conditions. The novelty was presented as part of the celebration of 60 years of production of Ford trucks in Brazil.

The prototype is in the testing phase, with a view to the next patenting and certification process, and there are still no plans for its production and commercialization in the short and medium term. But Ford has shown an interest in sharing this technology with partners and customers to advance its development and facilitate its introduction into the market.


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