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FORD Vs FERRARI gets first trailer

Fox Film released the first trailer for the film "Ford Vs Ferrari" on television broadcast during the break from game 4 of the NBA basketball championship finals, and now online for everyone.  The feature, which tells the true story of American automotive designer Carroll Shelby and British driver Ken Miles, tells one of the highlights of the Formula 1 world in the 1960s. Actors Christian Bale and Matt Damon play the duo who embraced the challenge of build for Ford a car capable of defeating Ferrari. "Ford Vs Ferrari" will be launched in Brazil in the second half of this year.

Director James Mangold ("Logan", "Johnny and June") is fascinated by racing and finds the quest for perfection fascinating: "A single washer or belt failing or a second of hesitation can be your downfall," he believes. “It is a great allegory for almost everything in life. How close can we get in a moment of our triumph or destruction ”.

"Our goal was not just to make a racing film, but a film that celebrates these rebellious characters and the deep friendship between them, forged on the asphalt at two hundred kilometers an hour," said Mangold. He added: “I hope this film will make people think about the value of friendship, like that between Ken Miles and Shelby. Today, we have all become so isolated. And that was a time when technology had not yet robbed us of our interdependence. More than incredible cars and speed, I think this is a film about family, survival, and how people need to learn to trust their friends with their lives, if they want to transcend ”, he concludes.


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