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Cultura Inglesa promotes first Fortnite championship open to the public

The event, which takes place on July 17th and 24th and will have the final broadcast live on YouTube, combines English learning with culture and entertainment.


StartSurvivor Drop. Farm. These are some of the most common expressions among gamers, who speak English while playing. After all, nowadays speaking the terms that are in games and especially in eSports tournaments is the most common. Especially if it's one of the most played titles, Fortnite.

In addition to these terms, the game also brings new challenges every season and especially crossovers with characters like da Marvel and currently of DC Comics, as batman, exterminator between others. And taking advantage of all this challenge and also from Pop culture, the English culture has opened registrations for its Fortnite championship, which will be held on July 17th and 24th.

“Learning English with culture is our DNA. Cultura Inglesa is betting on the universe of eSports, which are becoming increasingly popular among young people, as it understands that this is an environment for shared learning and multicultural coexistence. In this context, the Fortnite championship proposes to promote communication in English outside the classroom environment, in addition to engaging young people with the language and universe of games", says Marcelo Dalpino, Senior Academic Manager.

Teenagers over 13 years old can participate in the Fortnite championship . Interested parties must register between June 14 and 30 through the event's hotsite, which can be accessed on here . Applicants must answer the question. 'Why would you like to participate in the Fortnite Cultura Inglesa championship?'.

The 100 most creative phrases will guarantee a place in the competition, and the result will be announced on July 5th on the hotsite itself. The tournament will have up to 1,000 participants, including Cultura Inglesa students and non-students.

In addition, the last match, to be played on July 24, will be broadcast live on the Cultura Inglesa channel on YouTube, and will feature 100% narration in English, with comments from one of the most famous Fortnite players in Brazil, Power Flakes. Winners will receive as a prize kits specials with items high tech.



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