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Start Series News Friends | "It will be Fantastic," says Courtney Cox of the special episode

Friends | “It will be Fantastic,” says Courtney Cox of the special episode

Details about special reunion of the cast of Friends gives HBO Max are still in development, but Courteney Cox is already so ready to talk about it. The actress who plays Monica talked about what fans can expect from this long-awaited event, which will bring together the entire Central Perk team, including Cox, Jennifer Aniston, Lisa Kudrow, David Schwimmer, Matthew Perry and Matt LeBlanc.

Cox appeared on the show Kevin Nealon on Youtube, Hiking with Kevin, and commented on the special: “The most exciting thing is that we are all going to meet for the first time in a room and really talk about the program. … And I'm so excited. It will be great. We really didn’t do all of that and we’re really going to sit there and talk and remember this amazing experience we had. It will be fantastic."

She revealed that all six stars in the NBC, which ran from 1994 to 2004, have only been together in the same room twice since the program ended, including the recent occasion when she shared photo evidence on her Instagram page.

Cox was also asked by Nealon if she was thinking about who could star in a new generation of Friends, if any projects for that come up, and an actor appeared in the mind immediately. "Timothee Chalamet it could be Joey", she said. "He's so good."

The Friends reunion, which was officially confirmed earlier this month, will feature all six stars returning to the show's original set. It will be made available to HBO Max subscribers, along with all 236 episodes of the series, when the service launches in May.

The friends will return to broadcast on HBO Max in May this year.


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